My main missions have disappeared?!

After no mans sky next, I lost all my main missions!Anyone know how to fix this or do I need to start a new save?

I do not know on your specific question.

But so much has changed i would highly recommend starting again. Game mechanics/processes and progression steps are completely different. :nerd_face:

I am finding starting from beginning good to learn the changes and gain proficiency in playing.


Depending on what mode and how many hours long your save is, it might make sense to try a fresh start, but without deleting your old save(s). The first half hour of a fresh start is quite harrowing (but fun), so be warned.

I’m waiting until all the bugs are ironed out (all–snicker) from the old saves before loading my 1800±hour normal save. I started a new one on both creative and normal .

The base missions are very much different now, and npc missions are given at random from trade posts and stations npcs, as well as from a specific faction npc at a station (once you get to a certain faction level with them (iirc)

Good luck!

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