Will we have to start over?!

Will the new NEXT update start everyone over from Zero. In other words will allll progress be lost for PS4 and PC users? UNITS, SHIPS, FREIGHTERS etc.

I will lose my mind :scream:


No, Sean just confirmed that everything in our saves will carry over, which I retweeted:


thank you savior !:joy:


Unfortunately, the carry-over is not perfect. Some people (including me) have experienced losses.

But it hasn’t though. Freighter base. Gone. Tech upgrades. Gone. Ships I’d spent hours at Trading Posts waiting for a specific type and class. Horribly disfigured.

I feel like I’m being punished for having an existing save as right now I don’t know who I am or what my name is. I don’t mind learning everything again and replacing the tech I lost. I’m sure I’ll even start to find it fun and enjoyable again once the shock has died down, but all it would have took was a tweet from Sean saying, “Pack up your freighter bases as you might be a little shocked at what you find when you return”


I’ve experienced the same thing as you @Oshoryu. lost freighter base and S class squid ship turned into a S class Royal ship.

I had all of my nanite clusters packed into my storage containers … inside my freighter base. now alllllll is gone and of coarse they became so much more relevant in this new update. I still have my S class fighter but looks entirely different but ill take what i can get… for now


There’s currently an experimental patch on steam which fixes all my issues. Freighter bases will be compensated for, we should have got nanites for obsolete tech, and there was a problem in general regarding all S -Class ships.

Seeing as Exotics can only be S Class, they were the worst hit.

The patch will restore this, including the blueprint scanner thing.

When? I’m hoping for by the weekend but it’s anyones guess.