Who is starting over for NEXT?


Curious, since it has been revealed our old saves will work. Who will be restarting regardless? How many hours have you invested? What are your NEXT goals? Apologies if this is a redundant post.


I will be doing both. I’ll start by checking on my things in my old saves, but then I will periodically play a new save file. No reason to delete data.


Likewise. I have an empty save slot standing ready. If you didn’t re-start with Atlas Rises, you missed out on some major story and lore.


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Happy B-Day!

I will probably delete my most recent normal slot, and rerun it at some point.



I’m going to hold off on a new save as I have a fledgling creative save nestled near the E-hub which has nothing but a location and a basic base with none of the storyline played. I’m not sure how the story plays out on creative but hopefully it is the same thing.
I might have a play with this and experience the new lore and story (if any) but ultimately I intend to keep using my big-hours, very long running save and just keep on going. I just backed it up in case it bugs out with changes and will just see how it goes.


Good point. I must back mine up, too.


I have one open slot for NEXT for a fresh start. I will be keeping at least my original save, I just can’t bring myself to delete my from launch save. In all of my saves I will be in a space station ready to venture out into the NEXT iteration.

I want to experience NEXT from the beginning as it looks like it will feel like a new game.


The cake is delicious. I had some a couple of days ago. I tried hard to resist, but failed. Hope you enjoy yours! :yum:


Happy cake day!


It’s hard to believe - a whole year since I was last allowed to eat cake. I’ll make the most of it.


I will be starting over.

It feels like a different experience now and I want a fresh take on it.


I made a backup , i’ll start a new game (directly in coop with a friend just to see if we spawn together) and I’ll “re-learn” the game including all the new mechanics. After few patchs i’ll try my old save and see what my base and planet are in NEXT.


I will do both. Started back from launch, not going to waste that playtime :wink:


I have empty save slots, so I’ll be starting new. It seems like so much has changed, and I want to experience it with new eyes :grin:


Starting new game is completely counter to experiencing the new content…because starting with nothing gets you bogged down in surviving and getting basic tech like warp reactors and such as well as any sort of half decent multitool and the tech to make use of it and so on…not helpful at all.

I’m bringing 1.4 billion units forward…I’ll almost immediately be farming for a new S-class freighter and begin amassing a fleet of 30 frigates and begin spreading them all out on all sorts of quests and such to level them up and see what they are about while I’ll get to building massive farms and bases planetside. A lot less hassle to getting to the good stuff of the new update. Starting from scratch won’t really do anything for you…sure everything has different names and the crating requirements have all been changed up but overall you’re doing the same stuff you’ve done before and a lot slower.


I had already started a new normal save about two months ago in preparation for NEXT.

I’d been playing a survival mode game I started fresh with atlas rises as I hit some bugs with my original normal save initially.

I decided since most of the people I’d gotten to know through ETARC were playing normal, I’d get one up and running in time for when the final ten minutes of sixteen would be upon us, when we
“Travellers are no longer separated, no longer kept apart, standing
side by side at the end of days, traversing the remnants of creation,
laughing, dying…” Just as Atlas predicted :slight_smile:

This save will be used initially to get to grips with all the changes and new features and of course to finally explore and build with some of you :slight_smile:

Once I’ve gotten that out of my system I might start a new save to experience the game afresh with the new content and see if I can spot any more subtle changes to existing lore and story while I’m at it.

Even talk of me and some friends who are new to the game starting a permadeath journey together… Any mention of new save slots? :joy: :joy:


I will be doing the same as several of you. I have room for a new save and my current one as well. I feel so much is possible going forward although I am crash landed on a planet currently I am ready to go! Love seeing everyone’s opinion we have quite the adventure ahead of us!


I’m not starting over to experience the new features, doing it more to experience the new flow of the gameplay and story. The new crafting and base building system could have a significant impact on what the beginning of the game feels like, and it’s fun to work your way from the bottom back to the top. Besides, I have another save with tons of cash and a freighter and everything, so I can get the best of both worlds.


You’re stating over…to…do the same stuff over in a different order? I don’t really see reason or purpose to that…with bases that have 20k item build limits, and the ability to own a fleet of frigates there’s much in the way of actual progress to do rather than to go back 800+ hours to redo stuff I already did in a different order.