To Start Over or Not to Start Over - *Possible Spoilers* *HG Fixed in 1.32*

Due to the 3 New Words needed early in the newly added story line, and for those of us that have been working the same save for more than a year and have learned all languages long ago; we are stuck at that point in the questline…with no resolution. So the question is to start over or wait till a possible patch to enable us to move along in the story.

I want to know what you have done, for me I’m waiting, however I haven’t heard Hello Games acknowledge the problem yet so it makes me wonder if I should delete hundreds hours of progress and begin again.

If anyone has anything from HG on this subject I would love to see it, I suspect that they do know about and it will be in the next patch 1.32. I’m sure that they don’t necessarily want us to start over.

Also I would like to hear from those that have started over, was it worth it or did you think it was a rewarding experience?

Thanks - And for the record I LOVE what HG has done with this update. There is a lot to do while waiting I just want to know that I’m not waiting in vain.


I am sure HG is aware of it given how many times it has been mentioned in many places (including a couple times by me on this site).

I am one of those individuals that started the game one year ago upon the release of the game on PS4. I have completed all languages, including the Atlas, and all race based likability factors more than 6 months ago. I have everything built up with favorite ships and systems in an area that I consider my own stopping grounds and I am still exploring around.

I do not have the heart to restart. Those that are in my position could start a new PSN account name to try the update out without losing their original save. However, I will not be doing that soon. I just completed a quick Permadeath run through for my final trophy and once again, do not have the heart for another start.

I figure I that have time for it to (hopefully) be patched before I am ready to rebuild everything again. I still may try that second PSN account method in the future regardless. :grinning:


start over- more fun that way and less of a pain

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I would personally wait. I don’t really like the idea of losing my progress either. Sure, a restart right now would make for a more smooth run (you could even start a survival mode run for that).

That being said, some of the problems are already being fixed in the upcoming patch. Not sure if the “all words already learned” on is among them, but I would imagine that to be fixed fairly soon too.


Survival - that’s a great idea. I haven’t started one of those at all, just a perma-death

After a full year and countless hours creating wealth, favourite ships, an awesome base & everything just the way I liked it, I carefully progressed into the altered realm of 1.3.
I followed advice to avoid bugs and gave advice to others for irritating mission issues but ultimately I ran into a bug and jammed my game.

After much agonising I have begun a new game (normal) and I must confess that the game is better right from the first screen. I’m only a couple of hours in but the new story and involvement starts straight away. It’s very cool. I would have missed that if I’d never restarted.

I’ve taught myself the changes 1.3 has brought within the safe boundaries of an old save but the frustrations of problems is perhaps to much too overcome. I’ve got a long way to go but that’s the point isnt it?
Its pretty big in there :smile:


I’ve restarted the game seven or eight times since launch, I have a whole folder full of old backup save files, and I generally have two games on the go at the same time - one in normal mode, and the other in creative.

So it was no big deal for me to start again for 1.3, and I wanted to experience the whole game from the start, the way it was intended.

So I started a fresh game with 1.3. Three days in, I ran into the “moved your base” bug, badly enough to require yet another restart.

So far, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve parked the Artemis quest and the Atlas path while I build up my ship and resources - but there are so many changes - so much more to do.

I liked the game from launch. Foundation and Pathfinder were jam and icing on my cake. Now Atlas Rises has given me cream, too.

I think it’s turning into a trifle.


I’m not going to start over. I have too many hours invested. I will just wait for the fix. I have reported the bug to HG, as I’m sure all of us have !?, and I hope we don’t have to wait a year for the next patch. :scream:

In the mean time I have to find a new planet to setup home base, since the reset has turned my planet into a raging inferno. Plus you have to knock out the base building quests anyway. BWT, this is my normal model game and if I have to wait to long the I will go back to Survival mode game and try to progress there.

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I did the same. Started a new game and played through until awakenings started, then switched back to my previous game. Picked up the quest again after one warp. No problem

Hello Games fixed this issue in the 1.32 patch…Great job! And Thanks