New Game 1.3 - Armourer's Quest

Has anyone else who started a new game for 1.3 progressed to the end of the Armourer’s quest?

Because things are a little hectic for me right now.

I got the crap beat out of me and my old fully kitted out C class got smooshed. Twice. Got advised to move away from the big ship and just take on the little guys. Also load up on tons of shielding repair as you really need it.
I’ve gotta go find some rare bits to sort out my ship first.
Changing quests in the LOG menu stops them pouncing on you when uou leave the planet.
Good luck Traveller.

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Died first try and then the ships were no longer there even with the mission on. Left to explore and found a hostile planet. Stirred up the sentnals and then jumped into space causing them to chase me down. It has allowed me to tackle one ship at a time. Apparently any sentinal ship will work. Just need one more to be done.


Cool tip. Thanks for that.

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Thanks for the advice and moral support, folks. It’s good to know I’m not the only one struggling with this.

It’s early in the game for me - I’ve got a 29 slot explorer ship, with basic weapons. I haven’t even found a shield upgrade yet. And now I find myself taking on the entire Sentinel nation…


I thought that was a d*** move on my armourer’s behalf… “I declared war to the sentinels…now you go and sort it out…” All jokes aside…when I jumped to space and saw that thing I really felt fear…not many other games can make you feel stuff like that…like it is beautiful…but super scary…


I accidentally skipped it.

I wanted to see how in atmosphere/on planet dog fighting had improved now with low flight enabled, and i got that old bug of your pursuers just disappearing as you enter atmos even though they were on my tail, it counted as me defeating them and completing the mission. Was super disappointed but hey, PROGRESS!

Ohhhh that’s crap!!! Why cant that happen to me.
Instead I keep getting my ass handed to me and having to go fix my ship. Not fair.
Waaaaah! :sob:

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