The Last Armorer Mission

Suddenly there are alot more than the usual amount of players around that have recently bought the game and one mission in particular is not cooperating for some reason. I admit its not clear to avoid the Quad Dogs and the Big Boy if it ever appeared so i read some more and read some more and found a sort of walkthrough in a post over on Steam. I have a ‘new’ save i started for NEXT and thought it would be fun to roll through it with no problems ONE time and record it. SO… if that one is kicking your butt, here is how I went though it.
It really helped having 3 ‘S’ class upgrades for the Photon Cannon. I got through in that one attempt.

The Last Armorer Mission


I agree, the game instructions really don’t tell you what you need to do. Particularly since, for some players, this mission can come very early in the game, when they only have basic, weak, weapons and armour.

If you know the trick, it’s easy. If you don’t, you can be stuck on this for ever.


If they can find either post, this should help. Heck, Im “Semi” retired over here in Arizona and got the time to do it, so there ya go. I read about the issue just before I started it myself and the counter will roll back to 0 if you take cover indoors. Fun stuff man, love that “machine gun” photon with the ‘S’ Upgrades.