I can't find the Armorer


Basically, I can’t find the Armorer. Is there supposed to be a symbol or something showing where he is?


I believe the steps to be:

  • build a weapons terminal
    NOTE: Did you highlight that mission in the LOG tab in the menu?

  • go to a Vyk’een system to look for an armourer in a space station

  • go back to check at your weapons terminal whether he’s there or not


Yeah, the thing is that I can’t find the Armorer in the space station.


If you select the mission and then go into the galaxy map, it should direct you to the closest solar system with an armorer. If that doesn’t work I would warp far enough for it to find a new one. Otherwise check Vykeen systems, I think.


Usually setting the mission and going to space points you in the right direction but it seems this is a bit hit and miss with next.

Sometimes youll have two missions about recruiting the same person, one for the overseer, and then one specific to the new recruit, try selecting and going into galactic map for eaxh mission, if it doesn’t locate on map visit a Vy’keen system.

I’ve found locating specialists much easier with next now thatthe space stations are loaded with NPCs, one of them will usually be a specialist, sometimes in the room beside all the upgrade shops. Personally I found my armourer by chance on first trade post I hit on a planet in a vykeen system.


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The system I started in is Vyk’een and before I built the Armorer terminal I had spoken to all NPCs in the space station. After I built the terminal there was a new Vyk’een in the space station standing right by the hand rail.


I couldn’t either for quite a while. I just kept going to Vy’Keen systems and talking to the NPCs in the space stations. I never got a marker, but I found one named “Man-At-Arms-blank” just look for someone with that prefix. (Ik it’s been months, but this is to help anyone who may be passing by with this problem like I did.)