No Man's Sky Game Save question

Howdy everyone!

I have had the disk version of No Man’s Sky since it game out. My disk is getting old. If I bought a new disk, or the digital version could I still add my flash drive backup of my save games to the new version?

I’m no going to lose my mind if I have to start over. I’ve started over 3 times already, but would like to keep my current two saves if possible.

Thanks for any advise. I have ps4 platform.

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I assume you’re on PC. In that case, yes, the savegames are located somewhere in your appdata under a HelloGames folder. You can switch out the contents of that folder manually whichever way you like.
There’s a good chance that NMS will ask you if it should leave the savegames when you uninstall it (I haven’t tried, so don’t take my word for it, but most games usually do), in which case you should be able to just leave them and a new install will just pick up on them. Backing them up beforehand still sounds like a very good idea, though.


I believe on PS4 you can do the same as above. Make sure to back up your save files. I uninstalled my game on PS4 but kept my save files. I assume going to a digital version will make no difference. I would make sure the current game and save data is up to date, version 1.77. Then make sure the digital version is also up to date before loading your save files the first time.


Thanks Jedidia, I’m actually on my PS4 Pro. I will definately leave my save games on the ps4 and also on my flashdrive. I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to keep that stuff and not have to start over : D

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Thanks Sheralmmyst,

Ill make sure I back up the PS4 files, and also make a fresh backup on my Flash drive. And I’ll make sure they are also up to date. Thank you very much also! :smiley: I’ll buy a fresh copy in a couple weeks. I know disks last a long time, but I’ve played that game more hours than any game in my life and I think my poor disk is worn out lol.