Hello Games are requesting Save Files

Hello Games are asking the community to help provide them with recent save files!

Saves with many hours into them (hundreds) are preferred, but not required. They also have a preference for console, as they are generally less common.

You can provide your save(s) through Hello Games’ Zendesk :link:
The option to ‘Submit a community requested save game.’ has been added to ‘Request Type’ listed under the dropdown. Do make sure to include the following in the subject and/or description:

  • <Your Platform> + Community Save

For saves from console, you’ll most likely require a USB.
On PS4 the saves will be located in a folder called ‘CUSA03985’ or similar, which is the region code for your game. It would be easiest to just provide the full CUSA folder.

Much appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well this sounds interesting.
Also, for PS4, your USB will need to be empty.


Hmmm :thinking:


Did HG say why?


Just to have a repository of saves that can be used for testing, a sanity check for any future content.


Sent in my 2 main ones. theres about 1000 hours in normal and 200 hours pd/survival on each.


When Hello Games requested save files in the past, it was because they planned a universe reset and needed them for testing during development… Just a thought.


Hello (I’m still lurking when time permits)
Curiously I was today looking at the Galactic Atlas and noticed that info for XBox had been seemingly added to the pages. I don’t recall that XBox was even a thing when the Galactic Atlas appeared during Atlas Rises and Next eras. It’s still a very cool thing and I hope becomes more integrated into the game.

I think HG must still be fiddling with it. Maybe, just maybe, they want to test data and filter it into the atlas… Perhaps we could finally simply log our screenshots with appropriate info burned in, and send it straight to the Atlas. We could run onto the bridge of our freighters switch on the hologtaphic galactic atlas web page and navigate across the stars with pop up blockers and google ads… But I get ahead of myself :smiley: