Hello Games is asking for people's save files for bug testing for NEXT


"For PC Users
Save files will be located here: C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\HelloGames\NMS\ (Or you can type %appdata% into your windows search bar). Please zip your “st_” folder and all its contents and upload it to a google drive/dropbox or something similar and provide a link to the save in your ticket. The save folder will look something like ‘st_1616161616161616’
For PS4 Users
Please follow the instructions here: Saved Data in System Storage | PlayStation®4 User's Guide Please zip your entire ‘CUSA01616’ folder, we need everything inside it - the save will consist of 2 files, 1 of them will only be 1kb big, we still need it or we will not be able to load your save :slight_smile:

If your file is too big for Zendesks limits, try uploading it to a google drive/dropbox or something similar and provide a link to the save in your ticket.

A link to open a Zendesk ticket is here: https://hellogames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Thanks for your awesome cooperation in this time of great anticipation!

~ /r/NoMansSkyTheGame Team"


If your save files exceed 20MB and you can not or do not wish to upload to Google Drive/Dropbox or similar, try to archive them in a .zip, .rar or similar.


Never in my life used google drive…I literally have no clue what to do with my zipped save files to get them in the hands oh HG as the file is too large to just attach to the support request.

So even when archived/compressed it still exceeds the 20MB? Hmmm… maybe Zendesk should up their limit, as it is quite common to include ‘save files’ with a request for help or reporting an issue.


I agree…I think I figured out the google drive bit…the preview in the shareable link fails for some reason but the download works…so hopefully all is good and HG can use my save files.


Looks like everybody that was worried that their stuff will go to waste can relax now.


My save file was over 46 Mb. Using 7zip, it compressed down to a Zip file less than 6 Mb. If you compress to the .7z format you can get it something like another 30% smaller, around 4 Mb, but I’m not sure that HG can handle .7z files.

If you can’t compress below 20 Mb, your save file must be uncommonly huge,


What? How? My 39Mb save was 37Mb in a zip file…I just did it the simple way though…you know right click, send to, etc. Have you tried extracting your zipped files to see if they return to being proper 46Mb? Because if not then you may have an issue and HG may not be able to use your saves.

Oh yes, first thing I did was restore them and check. They inflate back to their normal size.

I don’t think NMS save files are normally compressed at all. There’s a lot of slack space in them - which is why they shrink down so well.

You might want to give 7zip a try. It’s free, open source, and widely trusted. If you do, get it from the developer - don’t trust third party suppliers.


Nah I’m good…the less compressed they are the less potential problems HG should have with them when they extract them…like maybe they don’t use 7zip or whatever and then something goes catastrophically wrong…I would have been happier to just hand the files unzipped full stop.


Submitted to ZenDesk via Google Drive w/link. Was 59meg, after zip, 28 meg.

The problem is that when using a “send to” option that zips the files, the application in question often just dumps the files into a zip without applying compression. I don’t know what platform you’re using, most OSes usually come with a default zip utility that can be invoked somehow, otherwise WinRar and 7zip are the usual options.


That’s fine…I didn’t really want to zip the files anyway because I really don’t want HG to have any problems if they decompress with something other than what I compressed with…I only did it at all because it was a requirement as per their instructions…best to just sent the files as close to intact as possible. This way I followed every requirement and the files are pretty much as they were taken right off my PS4 so hopefully they will have zero problems plugging them into the game and testing.

Standard zip algorithms are just about as reliable as standard web-encryption algorithms, which your browser does for (hopefully) pretty much every communication you send or receive. The probability that your file becomes unusable due to data corruption while travelling through the phone line is way higher than the zip algorithm screwing up.

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I love that they’re doing this. This will really help them troubleshoot minor yet bothersome issues instead of needing to worry about recreating the exact in-game conditions before they can have the glitch/issue happen. I like it. :+1:


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Thanks for the help everyone! That should be enough files. We’ll let you know just how awesome you all were soon.



For information, I just received this email:


OMG me too!! Just checked my email and there it was. Very nice of them to take the time to actually reply to us.


And let them know if you experience a game freeze/pause when saving.