Damn you, File Reset Glitch!

[Sigh] That’s 7 hours of unit and material grind down the drain. RIP 2 mil units and my A-class Fighter. Its been 2 years and I still don’t know how they haven’t fixed this glitch. Disappointed at the moment because of this. Can someone try to cheer me up?

Sorry to hear, its always a pain to lose such progress.

I am not familiar with this file reset glitch? It’s not something I’ve come across or heard about before, what seems to trigger it? Is it present on all platforms or just one?

Haven’t heard from Xbox yet because they only released 2 days ago, but it seems to be PC and PS4. I’m trying to cope with the reset by deleting the save and restarting a new one.

I had this happen after around the same amount of gameplay. It happened right after someone dropped an item into my inventory.

I reloaded from a USB and tried again…so far so good for the bug.

Yeah, what’s the “file reset glitch”?

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For me it was all save data gone and a new “Initializing” start on a random planet.

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What @LordMarkov described.

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Which platform? I am on PS4 and made a point to copy my save OFF the console to USB, just in case. I noticed in the patch notes that some of the bug fixes are not retroactive. For example, it says your old, unusable tech will be converted to nanites now, so you can buy new tech. That fix, however does not work if you already logged in and sacked all your old tech, right? So, in my case I will just reload my original save from USB. I will lose any progress made in NEXT, but that is minimal at best.

In any case, this just reinforces the practice of backing up saves when major updates come along, for any software product. I really hope you guys get some satisfactory resolution, if you are also on PS4 and need anything, let me know; Jonny_Firebird is my PSN tag.

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I play on PS4. And I agree, my only fix was to reload my file off of an USB external drive.

Thank you for the support @Rishathra