PS4 users, back up your save data!

Since 1.38 will change how save files are handled, back up your save data now on a USB drive, and if you have PS+, on the cloud. I hope PC users have already done that. Of course I assume anyone here already does this lol.


Why do we need to back them up? How will it help?

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How would it help?

In theory, if there is a bug in conversion mechanism, it will help to restore original saves and convert them again later, when bug is fixed.
Did not hear anything like that from PC players on discord though. And was running successfully my self on 1.38 experimental.


Exactly like you said. It will help in case there are any bugs when PS4 gets the update. Yes PC users have not had any problems but the PS4 is different from a PC. It’s better to be safe than sorry.