Should I load my old save?

Many may be wondering this, perhaps it has been asked, forgive me if so. I have held off loading up my pre-next save. At the current state of NMS ,which I’m having a blast with, should I/ Travelers load up or hold off? I find myself missing and wondering how my hauler & character are doing and of course I am much furthur along in that reality as well.

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Of course having a backup save is important but my Legacy Save survived intact.
Downside is every bit of tech you had is now obselete so you will have to be prepared to gradually remove old tech (selling the modules is best) & rebuild your ships & multitool.
Your freighter will be empty & unbuilt & most of your horded resources will be some sort of ferrite. Make use of the extra ferrites to build bases…
Getting old favourite exotic ships back is fun & you can now design your character to suit your old game.

You can re-establish your pre-NEXT base via the promts so if you had a farm with outside plants think carefully about your chosen replacement location as whatever plants you had outside will still exist. (Eg; a starbulb farm that was on a lush world can now be placed on a frozen world but all your outside plants from the old base will still be outside, allowing you to have both your existing starbulbs AND your new frostwort outside)
Cool perk if you are aware.

I say go for it but have a backup save just in case it glitches and be aware most non-exotic ships will change appearances & that this is unavoidable.


Make a save of your game save folder first. That’s easy to do on PC and then yes go ahead.

I was concerned too but made a back up. My base restoration in Creative mode still has a LOT of bugs. Resizing problems, ladders not working, unable to put back parts placed once deleted. I just left it for now until they work on base building again.

I could probably rebuild the whole thing in a couple of hours once the base building parts work again. The planet geography changed so the base was restored close by. ONce things settle down I shall rebuild it where I want but for now the restored base is its own historical ruin… Fun though, I dug out peoples’ communication modules which had a mountain on top of them.

Apart from base building bugs the rest of the game has been fine. One starship had changed a bit but I soon got over that when I found something better anyway. There will always be something better :slight_smile: So don’t worry!

And remember you have your back up save to list old planet names if you ever need it.

YOu could if you wish make a note of your old favourite system portal locations if you want to revisit an old planet and see what it has become.


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As others have said, make sure to at least keep a backup of your pre-Next save. The decision to then try this save in NEXT is yours. I do however think there is no point in keeping this save, unless you are able to continue playing with it in an older version of NMS in which it was created. For that reason alone, I say give it a try if you are really curious to find out how it survived.

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I would say yes, if part of your concern was about bugs. I was unable to save or progress in my original pre-NEXT save until update 1.58 (testing each update from a USB back-up file). As of yesterday, I have been able to start working up my day 1 save with the NEXT update content.

They also fixed the bug that prevent older saves from upgrading the exosuit further with the extra cargo and tech slots.


Thank you very much for the input. I am going to boot up my old save! Backed up on cloud and usb.

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