Home Base Restoration Manual Save Bug (PSA)

PSA for anyone who has restored their legacy base recently, have repeated this bug several times just to confirm the cause.

If you make a manual save in a restored legacy base using the portaboe save point, when you reload that game it will spawn you in the original system that the base existed in before NEXT.

What does this mean for you traveller? Why, it means your game loads you up in space with no ship because the planet that used to be that planet has shifted to the other side of the solar system :slight_smile:

It’s nothing major, you spawn you die you collect the stuff from your grave.

But this will happen every time you save manually in your base, getting out of ship and saving that way with autosave does not seem to cause this issue.

If you are experiencing this on permadeath and keep quitting out before space kills you, you can actually recover this save by joining someone else’s game, you’ll spawn near them and all will be fine.

Experiencing this on PS4 and submitted zendesk report.


Very glad I only use my ship to save when on my base.

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The real cool thing about this update is not all the changes to the game that are a bit buggy for me. The cool thing is all the ways having friends, that stuck with you in game, can help you out now :slight_smile:

From building things in your base that are borked at the moment like I cannot build the 2 Refiners and the character changer device. I had access to the healing device you can put on the wall so I built one for him as a thank you. I even was able to have a friend install a Statue that I have never found yet overlooking my base. I of course gave him all the materials to build it (I am not a Mooch) hehehehe :slight_smile:

This reminds me of my Minecraft Single Player Save. Not because of the Multiplayer but instead of just reloading saves and or giving up I decided to endure and see what the bugs and problems would lead me to do :slight_smile:

Playing with friends and they being able to be there when bugs hit makes me remember my fondest memories in H1Z1 Survival Version Test Server . Playing together with a buggy build can be the most bonding experiences ever. I think sharing stuff with friends in the game has become more fun than the discoveries themselves :slight_smile:

I don’t care how many times I am going to have to dig that base out or fix that floor :slight_smile: as long as I have friends to do it with :slight_smile:

Yeah I like how the bugs have given us prodfessions.

I had a friend making frigate fuel for my bugged legacy save in exchange I put in stairs etc on his base with my new normal save playthrough XD

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