BUG: Save State Loading Error [fixed w/ 1.58]

So my main save file is bugged and I’ve identified exactly what is happening so it seems repairable, just have to wait a bit :slight_smile:

Have submitted bug report via PS4 crash autoreports.

When I select my save file it is loading up the manual save state and not my most recent auto save.

Selecting autosave manually once loaded still loads the manual save.

Selecting manual save crashes the game. Every time.

I know it’s loading the manual save because I’m nowhere near my ship and by a save point. I thought at first I loaded my manual save and then autosaved with my ship without realising, but the distance from ship and save point clued me in to what was really happening.

Normally it wouldn’t be so bad only I rarely manual save so it sets me back to about two and a half weeks ago :see_no_evil:

I’ve heard of people having issues with progress being saved and I’m wondering if this is what they’re experiencing? The game is loading the manual save for the auto save slot and crashing if you go near the actual manual save slot?

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Is it possible your auto save has become corrupted, and the game is smart enough to realise that?

Like, it looks at your auto save, and says “Nope, I can’t read that properly”, so it goes back to the most recent save it can read?

But if you force it to load the auto save, then it will try. Even though it can’t read it properly.

You were posting recently about your game hanging, then crashing. When NEXT first launched, I suffered a lot of crashes - and every time, the crashes corrupted my save files.

For me, the only solution was to delete my save files, and re-load from backups.

Just a thought.


FYI, that is exactly how the game works when it detects corrupted files. Whether that explains the issue in this case I can’t say.


Interesting. I’m not a sufficiently skilled coder to know that, but it makes perfect logical sense.

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You have given me a couple ideas to try with my legacy save later today. Thank you.

I have not attempted to reload the manual save from the start of NEXT, nor have a actively deleted my save files and reloaded from back ups. I have only overwritten the information.

I was thinking this but what leads me to believe it’s a filing error is it crashes when you choose manual save, every time, and the time played in main menu matches my auto save, kind of like the people who had that initialise new game issue with their saves.

Let’s say G is auto save button and F is manual save button and E is loading game from main menu. Then A is initialise, B is last autosave and C is last manual save and D is empty line or no entry

So ideally the savestates should be for me,


What seems to be happening is

F: D

It’s like there’s a line error and something is being ignored or passed over or the wrong state has been filed in the wrong location.

Like the initialise new game error people had in the first week that they fixed, they seemed to have this issue with their save states.


Like I’ve no idea about actual coding but I’ve got a very basic understanding of it, and this is the worst explanation in the world but I believe it is the exact same issue as the Initialise new game issue.

The data is still there, my playtime is still there on the main meni, the buttons are just loading the wrong thing.

The game crashes if I use the button for the wrong thing because nothing is assigned to that button now (as the wrong save is now set to the autosave position and manual save button is now null)

I’m going to wait for the fix, I hadn’t played in a week due to a family funeral but the previous week I’d built about twenty outposts in uncharted space and id like to keep those :slight_smile:

My last manual save was a week before I even did any of that so it’s putting me back quite far.

Luckily I’ve a new save I started when I was waiting for legacy saves to become unbugged at launch, which I can finally enjoy as that had hit the progression bug and I couldn’t continue artemis quest about three weeks ago. I’m sure by the time I hit a new bug in my new save, they’ll have patched this save state loading error with my legacy save :joy:

Oh I should mention, the game did not crash, I saved and exited perfectly fine.

The hanging I had Mentioned , during 1.55 I believe , was not leading to a crash, but required me to close the application from the PS4 menu as it never recovered (before 1.55 hanging woukd happen the odd time for maybe ten seconds then continue) and while I had not played since last Saturday until yesterday, everything was lovely and smooth with 1.56 and was starting to do the base archive missions (this was not fixed on 1.55 console as implied by official notes)


I was a little concerned when the portable manual save point was introduced for this very reason, (NMS does seem to be weak when it comes to interface bugs) so beyond the necessary tutorial stage, I never use a save point that wasn’t kept in a base or at a landmark.
I do regularly jump in and out of my ship to save progress and periodically while in my home base area or at a landmark will do a proper manual save…at least once an hour.

I’ve also found not immediately exiting my ship upon landing on a new planet or pressing any other buttons while exiting seems to avoid the missing discoveries bug. For some reason multiple actions can interfere with the autosave feature.


I never understood the ‘manual’ save for location discovery, as it is an interaction which rewards you with a discovery. A manual save should be completely separated, to specifically make that choice. Many players will basically avoid discovering locations, just to ensure they keep their chosen manual save they made.

Fixed an issue that prevented planets from being added to the Discovery timeline when exiting certain ship models

I ran into the same issue with my fighter, although this bug was not there initially. It must have been introduced with one of the patches. They changed where the player lands when exiting ship, which in my case changed from right next to my ship (where it should be), to on top of my ship. Apparently for planet discovery, it checks for contact with the surface, which was no longer happening due to spawning on top my ship. So to avoid this, I did the same, jetpack boosting to the side as soon as I exited, to ensure landing on the surface.

Glad that has been fixed. Hope they fix your save issue too!


Just wanted to verify this bug has been fixed with patch 1.58

It seems my theory was correct and it was some sort of filing error with which save State belonged to which save slot with one slot being in a null state, hence their ability to recover my autosave progress. Unfortunately if you continued and autosaved from the manual load it incorrectly loads, you may have lost that progress for good.

Now I can get back to finishing my many outposts and giving some love to the next bases thread :slight_smile:

You’ll know its working because when you select the save there’s a period of blackness for about thirty seconds before the Galactic map scroll. I guess it’s checking and fixing the error during this time.

Much love to hello games for their hard work in fixing these issues, just in time for polos community events :slight_smile: