Frigates stats decrease

Boarded my freighter to check a frigate mission and the game crashed when entering the bridge. On reload I checked my frigate stats and it seems about half of my 29 frigates have lost points (about 6 points each from combined stats). one even got demoted to A class. Just one more thing in mess of bugs in this update

Edit: this is a part of something else… lost nanites too they have dropped from 50k to 39k. looks like my save has regressed about a week somehow.

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Remembered seeing this a while back. Maybe similar to your occurance?

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Don’t think it is. I checked my manual save point and its in a different system. Also on the select game screen at launch the time played has dropped from 401 to 377 hours. Basically the last 24 hours of gameplay has disappeared, including the base I built over the weekend. I’m just gonna put the game down for a while. Im done beta testing… :slight_smile:

I hope you made a backup before starting the latest experimental branch, because they made changes to the save system. This means you can not use the experimental saves in the default branch, as they have become incompatible. So basically anything done in experimental will be lost when switching back to default.

In all honesty, the current experimental branch appears to be quite a mess … I can only hope they will take their sweet time fixing issues before making it the new default and releasing it to the public on all platforms.

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Sorry @DevlinPixy. Beta testing was a bit of sarcasm on my part. I’m playing a legacy save on PS4 . Just meant with all the crashes and instability in this update it’s time for something different till HG eventually sort it out.

Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up, as I thought you were on PC giving experimental a try.

In all honesty, I think HG has been trying too hard and too long to keep maintaining legacy saves. Atlas Rises already showed this becoming an issue, which has now become even more apparent. I can’t blame you for playing something else for the time being …

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This sounds like the progression bug @lordmarkov and others are experiencing, very different from my own linked above.

I believe the next patch is to fix ongoing and new issues with certain saves, particularly large save files, so here’s hoping it’s your saves they’re alluding to, maybe someone on experimental can comment if this issue is fixed?