Game Crash when reloading

Well since the last patch my 560 hour game is crashing when I try to manually save it, or try to reload it. Starting it and playing it, it’s just fine.

For me at least there seems to be a glitch that when I have a save over 500 hours, it craps out, which is really disappointing.

So, I started another game in the hopes that by the time I get this one to 500 hours this problem will be fixed.

Anyone else having this happen?


I have noticed more game crashes when loading into my larger bases. If you think its related, I would try immediately leaving your base area without looking at your base as much as possible.

You can always try reloading an older save like your previous hard save as soon as you load in.

BTW, backing your save up often is the best advice I can give to anyone that puts long hours into NMS.

Edit: I had a similar crash when saving phenomenon with the NEXT update last fall. I was able to circumvent it by joining another person’s game, but then a few essential blueprints were missing ( up until HG patched the problem). Its worth a try none the less?


Thanks LordMarkov for the advice. I have a 128 gig flash drive I save everything onto now from your advice previously. That is what I used to move everything over to my PSPro.
I back up my game also before I log out on my psn cloud system drive too. I won’t take any chances because on my creative mode Essientam save I have some outstanding bases, and ships that I don’t want to lose.
I started another creative save in Euclid because I want to pick another galaxy when I get to the end of the Atlas story. I think I might pick the raging one because I’m crazy about the bazaar exotic planets with the bubbles, beautiful colored sky and water. But I have to research it some more because now I don’t remember if raging or ancient is the galaxy with the most exotics lol. Thanks again for your help as always! :smiley:

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most of the players are having this issue, you could load your older saved game , try to always backup into NMS, wait for the right patch and your problem would be solved.