Crash Assigning Frigates

Games either closes or stops responding when trying to assign frigates to missions. Have not been able to conclusively identify specific triggers but seems to include when the view through the window or background of the frigate selection screen includes frigates, planetary rings and rocks passing by. Also occurs if trying to assign a second mission without having first getting to a completely different area either in the freighter or exiting for any reason and returning. Do not have any crashes when doing anything else in the game.

So far all that I can do is to reload the game and try to move my freighter to another system. Once in a while just moving the freighter to a different area in the same system may fix this but so far have not found that to be consistent.

After sending out a mission I then go back to my ship and force a save. I can then go back to assign the next mission and this seems to avoid the problem with assigning missions consecutively.

Anyone run across this and find a way to avoid or fix besides what I listed above?

Thank You

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I have noticed a fair amount of lag after launching a mission but, it clears up as soon as I leave the bridge area…interesting.

I have been having the same problem. I started going to one of my ships and triggering an auto save after each mission launch. Tiresome, but better than having to reassign ships to multiple mission when there is a crash.

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Am testing a work around that seems to have some promise - instead of walking directly up to the mission overlord I instead walk around so that I am approaching from his/her/its left.

I had two consecutive instances of the game ceasing to respond and without doing anything else tried approaching from the other side and the game kept running.

A bit later I went back into the game and was able to launch three missions back-to-back-to-back a few hours ago without the game ceasing to respond.

It might be coincidence but for now this seems to be working. Kind of hard to give this a good test with the five mission per day limit and some long duration missions taking up slots and ships.

I think you can plonk down a save point on your freighters bridge. Not 100% sure since I haven’t explicitly tried it, but you can build decorations, so I’d expect that to be possible.

While you can indeed build a variety of items on the freighter bridge, the only portable technology available on a freighter is the small refiner. So you will not be able to build a save on the freighter. Closest save you can get is your ships in the hangar.

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Unfortunately my gaming rig cooling system crashed and the parts won’t be delivered for about 10 days. I have missed week 2 and will probably miss week 3 and possibly 4. When I get my rig running again I will try the approach from the other side. This PC is older and the HD graphics will not run NMS.


I only crashed once, which happened when I alt-tabbed out while in the Management Menu and attempted to get back in the game again. Ever since I have been careful around anything to do with the Navigator or the fleet management.

I do notice that the Management Menu is quite a bit more taxing than the Mission Menu for some reason. FPS / Performance drops dramatically for whatever reason. I assume it is mostly caused by the real-time environment rendering in the background. I do however expect there to be something else causing the overhead as well. Something is obviously not done ‘right’ and I doubt it’s ‘just’ the render. The more frigates you have, the more taxing it becomes. Performance is not recovering either, while staying on your freighter, going to different areas. Only once you go back to the freighter hangar, it recovers for a big part, but even then not fully. Once again, something ‘leaks’ performance and ‘sticks’.

My advise is to keep a good eye on performance and save often, even in between actions. Reload at times as well, to ensure performance being maxed again. Do not add lots of new frigates at once, try one at a time instead, to prevent having to sell any in case you continue to crash all of a sudden. It also appears to help finding an ‘empty’ area in space, where not much is required to render (planets, rings, asteroids, other fleets/ships).

Many have been facing this issue due to how performance heavy these frigate menus are, even on higher-end machines. I honestly expect this to get fixed soon, with less ‘fancy’ if need be …