Frigate mission stuck

To anyone interested, after the Beyond update, I still have the same frigate missing since Next. I mentioned in a past thread that the mission clock stopped and it never came back. The timer is still stuck at the same time and the frigate is still not moving from the system it went to and one of the frigate command rooms is still permanently occupied.(tried deleting the room and rebuilding it, didn’t work) Can’t delete or destroy it. I reported it to zendesk again. They are probably focused on Beyond patches at the moment, which is perfectly okay and understandable, but if they can get around to it at some point, that would be great. There is no rush, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: replaced “freighter” with “frigate”

Continuation of the same issue in NEXT:


Is your Freighter missing or a Frigate? Is there a way to delete Frigates?

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Previously you could dismiss a frigate from the Manage Fleet window by holding the middle mouse button (PC/Keyboard). Not sure if this has changed and or still possible.

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Whoops! I will edit that. I ment to say “frigate”. The frigate has not returned. I am using a ps4 and currently there is no way to delete/dismiss it.


This bug/issue has been present in NEXT as well and I don’t think a solution was ever found, nor a cause that reproduces it.

Frigates that are out on a mission can sadly enough not be dismissed. Your frigate is most likely damaged, not being able to continue, hence the timer stopped. You are supposed to be reported about the issue and make a choice, risk losing it by having it continue the journey, or call it back for repair. Most likely you never received the report, causing you to have it stuck without an option to solve it.

Only possible solution I can think of, is trying to locate the frigate. Then hopefully be able to repair on the spot, to have it continue the mission. No guarantee this will work though.

Also see this previous NEXT topic with same issue:

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Tried it. :laughing: i went to repair it, then i tried to destroy it a few days later. Lol.

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I never realised we were actually discussing this in this ‘old’ NEXT topic, which you started yourself even :rofl:

I turned this topic into a new topic, considering the massive amount of changes with Beyond. I edited your now top post to include a link to the previous topic for reference.

I would try a Save Game editor, but on PS4 not a chance of course. I assume HG will look into it and fix some of those long standing issues.


Thanks. I’m sure, in time, the frigates and freighters will be touched on again by the team. Maybe they’ll add the dismiss/“your all fired” button. :rofl:


I have the same issue with one of my frigates. Been on a 5hr mission for two days. It isn’t showing any damage so I have no idea what is wrong. Would really like it back.


Welcome to the forum @Fragglegy1. Sorry you are having issues. Have you tried relocating your Freighter?

Welcome. Sorry the issue is happening to you too. Till this day, my freighter is still stuck in a mission and cant get it out. I tried a dozen different things amd nothing seems to help. I recommend sending out a zendesk report about it. The more they get, the quicker they will be able to get the others unstuck aswell.


I have a stuck frigate since the second frigate update (the one that increased the mission time to days instead of hours), last year or so…

It was travelling while the update came out, maybe it fell through the cracks. It has occupied a freighter control room ever since. I can find it in its solar system and land on it, I even repaired it in flight, but no luck.

If you attach your (zipped) save file to the zendesk ticket, maybe they find something. I personally stopped caring to get it fixed to be honest, but for someone who is just starting to use them, this would be an annoying blocker.


I agree. And yes, a zipped save file sent to ZenDesk is the best way to fix this. And a handful of optimism. HIGHLY recommended as they won’t know how to fix it if they don’t have something to work with. Your ZenDesk report can contribute to saving our lost crew.

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Sucks that you are all dealing with this too! I’ve got a fleet of 4 stuck out there and it’s been forever. Did anyone successfully go out and find them?
I’ll send in my zip file here soon too. I really want those guys back!


Welcome to the forum @MAGPIE.S19.
Please, send in the file. Hopefully HG will get this worked out.

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You could try whether finding them and interacting with them gets them back on track?

Not sure though, the one I repaired in that video never fully recovered.