Frigate Bug or am I doing something wrong?

I have two Frigates out on a mission and the timer has stopped at 11 hours remaining.

Both have damaged components so I’m wondering if I need to repair them so they can continue their mission or if my game has bugged out?

I can’t interact with them from the Frigate Control Room and they do not appear outside my freighter, (which is right as they are still on a mission) incidentally, the floating holographic frigates appear red, whereas they are normally blue.

The captain is of course, very cheery about the whole situation…


I noticed they appear in the Gal.Map…do you need to go and repair them or something?
Just guessing. Mine actually arrived back partially damaged bit perhaps yours require a rescue mission…?


If they are damaged, you should receive a communication for them asking for orders when you get in your ship. They can’t get stranded, they always can make it back. Which I find a bit of a pity. The first thing I thought of when they started getting damaged was “huh, it would be kind of cool if I had to do a rescue mission every once in a while”. Optionally, a stranded frigate might generate a new frigate mission so you could send other frigates out to repair it if you can’t find the time yourself. “Our mission is to rescue the men who were sent to rescue the men who were sent to rescue the men…” :smile:

Then you could have different events, like they’re under attack, send combat support! The crew got stuck in some alien ruins on the planets surface, come dig us out! Our merchant frigate is held up by local customs because of some paper work, please come and throw your influence around with the local guild rep!

So much potential, so little time…


Good to know. Like I said…I was just guessing.
Love your ideas for rescues though.

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Sounds like my game has bugged then, I’ll check the Galactic Map but looks like I’ll be submitting another Zendesk report.

@jedidia That would be amazing, warping into a system and your frigate is under attack, “Hey Biff, take your damn hands off her now!”


I’ve had a frigate or two suffer “catastrophic” damage, never to return. Another frigate eventually showed up, though it wasn’t the one I lost, which makes me think the game won’t let you be without a frigate. I bet your missing frigates come back, maybe after re-logging or changing systems, but they’ll come back.


They can be destroyed on a mission, yes. Then you lose them completely. So far, I’ve only seen that happen if I failed to recall them when they were damaged, or if I sent them out damaged in the first place.

So far, in my experience, if I send them out in good order, and recall them if they get damaged, they’ve always come back. Sometimes in a terrible state, but they’ve always returned.


How can I do this? I walk into the Frigate Command Room and see red holographic ships floating there, I can open up comms with the captain and I can inspect them and see, ‘Damaged Component’ on screen and I can even click on the frigate to see further but that next screen doesn’t give me anymore interaction.

Maybe I need to supply you all with some screenshots.

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As has been mentioned earlier, if one of your frigates gets damaged, you should get a com message from the commander, telling you so.

You should also be given the option to recall the damaged vessel, or have it continue, despite the damage.

If you don’t recall it, it will continue on its mission in a damaged state. And then there is a very high probability that it will be destroyed.

It sounds as though your frigates are continuing, despite the damage. Maybe you have told them to continue, or a bug has caused them to do so.

Does the frigate’s commander tell you that the mission is continuing?


Yes, the captain is annoyingly happy about it all. The mission timer however has froze and is not counting down anymore.


It’s like the mission has paused and is awaiting my input, (repair/recall) but I can’t actually do anything!

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Yeah, that definitely sounds like a bug.

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It would be interesting to wait and see what happens. I suspect your ships are dead in space, too damaged to continue.

The countdown is the time until mission completion. If the ships can’t move, then the countdown won’t drop.

You may have to wait until they are destroyed by pirates, hit by meteorites, or some such.

It would also be interesting to see if you can get to their location, and repair them.


The the pirates go, “What’re ya gonna do McFly??”

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Maybe Reavers got them.

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I have seen several reports of frigate missions getting stuck for some reason. Normally you would get the option to recall for repair, or risk losing it by having a damaged frigate continue. With the timer being stuck, and (no longer?) having the option to recall, something is obviously bugged.

As already suggested, I would try repair them at location and see how that goes. I believe there is no way to delete a frigate which is out on a mission, or that might have been a somewhat expensive solution. Certainly report the issue.

I am curious about something though. Did you by any chance get a freighter/pirate fight while your frigates were out on the mission? Or have you possibly been checking out other freighters to buy? I have seen one report where it appeared as if getting involved with the option to buy a new freighter, could mess up your current freighter/frigate(s) assignment.

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I warp exclusively with my Freighter so negate any freighter battles.

I have purchased more frigates, but my freighter has been in high-orbit for a while now and not moved.

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Ok, thanks for the info. Hope you can get it sorted by repair on location. Would love to hear if that works (or not). Either way, hopefully see HG get this issue fixed soon.

Right sorry to revive this one but I finally have some pics.

Can’t seem to do anything with them, I thought fuel at first but having crafted some I have no way of interacting.