Freighter Frigate - Fleet Mission Logs - Some spoliers


Possible Spoilers so perhaps not read all the Logs if you haven’t your own fleet yet.

I’ve been enjoying the creative descriptions. Which I think are really nicely written. So if you wrote them thanks! They really add mystery and imagination to the game. Actually some of the logs make me want to go and seek out the fleet ships to help :slight_smile:

Fleets are a great addition I think to the game, the balance just about right as an accompanying subtext to our adventures.

Some of them have some quite worrying events happening to the crews and makes me wonder if future game updates might make these ‘events’ more player/multiplayer focused. Each log could potentially with care be fleshed out into entire story lines which would be cool. This game has endless possibilities. Perhaps that’s the plan :slight_smile:

Anyway I thought I’d post a few of the descriptions as I wondered how different they maybe between player games. Maybe we can discover what other posts might hint at future story lines and adventures.

Please click the pictures for full descriptions. This first one was astonishingly detailed, and I felt like the fleet had been having more fun than me! lol not fair!! lol

Please expand the pictures to read more detail.

Searching in the Infinite

Dancing in the Starry Firmament


Moved this over to the No Man’s Sky category for you. Carry on, Traveller!


Hold on…
Planet Shibe…


Thanks for bringing this up, because I often feel the same way! Why am I out mining resources while the frigate crew is out having adventures?

Case in point: check out log 1257 :slight_smile:

I really hope we’ll be able to accompany the expeditions sometime!


You can join your fleet from the Galactic map :wink: There should be an icon where they are pursuing the quest. I think the quest is labelled above the icon.


Thanks for the heads up; I tried that once but when I arrived my frigates just floated in space and eventually disappeared. Is there something I missed?


Here are some more named Fleet Missions and their creatively written descriptions :slight_smile:

Please don’t forget these image of logs CONTAIN SPOILER’S so you may wish to avoid reading any until the mission pops up in your own game. Goodness knows how many missions there might be. Hopefully they are endless!

There’s some fun lucrative loot to be had, even the odd archaelogical artifact, so they’re quite surprising at times. Repairing frigates between missions has been fun too. One of my frigates has a ‘rude captain!’ (so says the mission management text) and his ship always seems to come back for repairs lol

Learning in Lost Worlds

The Fight for Timia

Diananam’s Probable Victory

In Search of Brand New Transactions

Searching for Fresh Negotiations

To Secure Budgetary Promises

A Metal Harvesting Chase

Keyler’s Vengence

Rysethele’s Search for Meaning

Timout’s Glorious Voyage

Hiforra’s Triumph

Haist’s Search

Kateignm’s Greatest Triumph

Nofielder’s Final Expedition

Atlas-65 Archaeological Society

I like how one of them said that the crew collected metal and then gave you carbon.