Bug: Frigate repaired but still says "damaged component"


Sent a combat frigate out on a low level mission. Came back successful but damaged. I repaired the ship manually by landing on the ship, speaking to the captain that you are automatically prompted to do, damaged ship locations get marked and I head over and fixed them.

After I left the frigate,it was still highlighted with a red icon indicating that it was still damaged. I double checked and the frigate repair locations were not broken at all. I later assumed that it is just a glitch and its actually repaired but maybe the notification is just stuck there… I think I was wrong because I sent it out on a 1-star level mission and it was destroyed instantly at the beggining of the voyage.

It was a B-class combat frigate.


I have only done two repairs yet, both successfully although it was 3 runs to the asteroids to get all the necessary materials.

One had 3 spots, the other had 2.

2 were inside a ship(one each ship), and 3 were outside, one I had to climb like 4 stories to get to, the other I had go threw the ship to get it.



I had this issue, still says it damaged with a red icon but when I land, there nothing to repair


I have one Frigate that says it is damaged but, there are zero components to repair. (Damaged :0) I even left and came back, still the same. I will check it tomorrow and see if exiting the game made a difference.


This is weird cause I had the exact opposite issue. As quoted from the ticket I sent to Hello Games:

When I repaired a frigate, there were 4 red damage icons. After repairing 3 of them, the 4th disappeared and the frigate appeard as fully healed. This made gameplay a whole lot easier for me (I didn’t the required resource on me and was planning to collect it separately first). Is this intended or is it a glitch?


Ok so now this problem happened to me as well. Did anyone find a workaround for it?

I sent a ticket to zendesk for it and advise all of you to do so as well!


UPDATE: If you’re on PC I found a way to fix this problem, but you have to download the new Save Editor and edit your save file. And it’s a little tricky, but if you do so here and install it, then

  • Choose to Edit the raw JSON
  • In the PlayerStateData, scroll down to FleetFrigates
  • For each damaged frigate (they are numbered from 0 to the no of frigates you own-1), set the following counters to zero: NumberOfTimesDamaged, RepairsMade and DamageTaken.

Maybe you don’t need to set all of these to zero actually, but I just did them all to make sure and it worked! My unrepairable frigate is now alive and healthy again!!


Good to know as I am also stuck with a frigate in distress.


Unfortunately I am yet to find a workaround. I am on PS4. The ship is repaired and the distress beacon disapeared on its own after some time and the ship came back to my freighter BUT the ship is locked in a mission still and the mission timer is stuck at 52 minutes. Its been a day like this now.


July 30 Hoped the small update would help but my Frigate still needs repairing and the areas I need to fix still do not show up…so Frigate still broken.


I figured it out. Pick to ignore the damage. Then it shows up. Way of the universe I guess.


I will try that…who knew right? :thinking: That’s what I get for trying to do things the right way…


Will try that I was hit with this finally.



I tried that, it didn’t work for me


Tried it and it worked for me! :sparkler:
I have another issue with my frigates though, doors that I can not go through even though I have before…I am afraid I will get trapped inside one of these days. :scream:


@sheralmyst I already am trapped in my freighter. Lol. I made a seperate bug post for it already. Ship won’t take off so I am in my frighter. I think if I join someone else’s game, I think that may be a way around this so I can escape but I haven’t been able to try this out yet.


I hope you have plenty of rations on board. :chocolate_bar: :canned_food: :milk_glass:


Jupiter Log entry 1:

Day 2, I have been trapped in my capital ship for 24 hours now. The sound of my freighters’ emergency siren echo down the halls. Blood-red lights flood the halls with each flash. I was not prepared for this. Food rations may be enough for one more day… Two, if I mix them with some water to make them last longer. I realise now that my focus should not have been on the technology modules but, rather, on focusing on the more important things such as safety measures… if only I listened… if only I created a warp terminal from my home base to my freighter like he said…


Sending a rescue team. Perhaps they can cut through the hull, however, they say it could still take days. Hold on! I am sure help is coming. In the meantime, I would keep looking for a hatch or anything you might be able to squeeze through.


I’m reporting this as well. Also going to try @bcatrek’s solution.
UPDATE: the mod does not work for me, just going to hope that Hello Games heard me.