Bug: Frigate repaired but still says "damaged component"

I too have joined the throng of CSD with broken frigates. Mine simply dissapears the final repair icon so I have nothing to interact with to fix it.
Read the reports:…my crews are idiots.
They keep ‘accidentally’ causing critical incidents that cripple the ships.
My last 3 ships sent out a distress call wanting to come home. I ignored them and they were destroyed.
3 less broken frigates to not be able to fix. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’m hoping mine will get destroyed on a mission, but no such luck lol



Jupiter Log entry 2:

Day 3, I have attempted to join another’s game. While this did work to leave my freighter, I was afraid to land anywhere for fear that the game may save in a far away place, away from home. I return back to single player… Alarm screaming bloody murder still. But I notice on my mobile phone that an announcement was made that the freighter warp systems now work once again. I have a full tank. Out of ideas, I warp outside the system.

Now in a strange new system. I stare outside the bridge window and see two dead planets. “What now?” I asked myself as I fog up the glass with my breath. I run to the hangar with high hopes in one hand and doubts in the other. I enter my ship once again… “Here goes nothing” I say, right before attempting to take off. I close my eyes and in my head I repeat “please, please, please work”. I open my eyes and I find myself floating above my frighter! I have escaped! I have not been more grateful for the emptyness of space in my life.

Note to self… build a portal in my freighter in case this happens again and make sure to have enough freighter fuel.


Now go get some more emergency supplies and a couple of pizzas!


This bug should be fixed in the next patch (already fixed in Experimental).


@projectcartwheel the mod should work on PC. Are you sure you are not only saving the edit when you make it, but also “Save Changes” when you are done in the main window?

I have the same issue now. There is nothing to repair, but it still showed it as damaged.

UPDATE: I contacted the guy who makes the save editor, and he kindly included a Damaged Frigate option in the save editor so you no longer need to tinker with the EDIT Json raw editor. Now you can just hit the Repair button! BUT please remember always to save your file before exiting the application.


PC, not using the above editor.
I can see my repair points. Says I need to repair 4 terminals. 4 show. I repair 1st and is says repair 3. I repair a 2nd and it says repair 2. I repair a 3rd and it says repair 2…I repair 4th and it says repair 1 only I already repaired them all. It just failed to count the 3rd and it has been the 3rd the 2 times I tried this.

Why not using the editor? It’s the running workaround for this bug presently…

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From my experience with frigates it looks like if you properly reinforce the stats for the type of mission you have there’s no chance of failure or damage…I’ve built my frigate fleet around ships with at LEAST 25 in their primary stat and I don’t accept that low without great reinforcing stats in their non-primary stats of 10+. I also send at least one top-class fighter as a bodyguard of sorts for all missions even if not combat related.

So far all my frigate missions have gone smoothly without issues.

I think there are stats treshholds for missions hidden in the background that if you can meet you’re completely safe.

The game does offer you an estimate of the strength of your frigate squad before you accept the mission…my squads are usually rated five stars…that should be safe from pretty much all danger.

For higher difficulty missions it would be wise to craft them the special bonus items like the explosive drones to keep them safe and the mind control device for negotiations…they’re fairly simple to craft and and the sentinel ships you fight in space drop them already crafted for you like candy.


Ohh that’s some nice piece of info @DarthTrethon
I always run away from sentinel ships since they always spawn more if you beat them with no end. But otherwise, how do you learn the blueprints for the items yourself?

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Gotta keep hitting up them factories on the planets for the blueprints…sometimes I would just fly over a planet scanning and looking for buildings on the ground just looking for manufacturing centers and the likes to break into.

Is the frigate broken bug fixed yet?
I tried to fix mine last session but no luck…

I thought it was supposed to have been fixed by 1.3…but maybe I’m wrong or maybe it doesn’t retroactively fix the bug for those that have it…no idea. I personally haven’t run into it…but I’ve been careful to only send powerful and expensive frigates with good stats out on missions and so far they’ve succeeded.

It has been fixed for me so far on ps4

As you’ll see from my previous post my ships were not at fault so much as my idiot crew blowing things up in the cargo bay.
Is there a module for ‘removal of crew dunces’? :roll_eyes:


You could just dismiss that frigate and then find another, better one. I’m still building my frigate fleet and I’ve dismissed so many I bought because I changed my mind about what the minimum stats I want in my fleet is that it’s insane. The few frigates with flaws that I have are innocuous stuff like they need more fuel or have bad painting debuff to trading on a combat specialist. I used to have a frigate with a thief on it…decided to dismiss it before finding out what that did.


I didn’t realise you could dismiss a frigate. I thought you were stuck with them. What if they are broken? Can you dismiss them then? The red ‘broken’ icon annoys me’.
I’ll have to check next time I’m on.
NMS time is limited ATM.

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I never had one broken so I don’t know…just hold R3 down on the PS4 controller over a frigate you want to go away similar to how you delete save files and they go away…tell me if it works on the broken one or not.

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