Frigates & Exotics Missing

My partner’s (normal mode PS4 post-NEXT) game is not presenting frigates to purchase. No matter what setting or mission or how many warps, there are zero frigates actually available. They simply do not show an icon or try to contact you… They are visible, along with their accompanying freighter/command ship but present zero interaction.
I think she has about 20 frigates of varying classes…I thought you could own a lot more than that.
This issue has been going for at least a month now.

As well as the above frigate issue; no matter how many systems we go to & how many potential spawn-points we farm, we cannot trigger the appearance of an exotic. We are talking hundreds of attempts from multiple locations in many systems.

It seems as if there may be a broken ‘trigger’ for the spawning of craft; both local exotic & frigate.
Has anybody else had this issue?


I think the limit is 30. I have also had a PC-normal issue with frigates being not for sale. For me it is certain types that I can’t purchase. Combat frigates will show they are for sale but will not contact me no matter what I try.
I have not seen an exotic in ages, in fact, I have not seen any S-class ships at all. I saw one S-class hauler and tried for ages to get it to return…no luck and I have not seen any since.


Im having a similar issue with frigates on one of my games although its a legacy save.
Some frigate icons still show up but 90% of the time there’s no response from them, then suddenly they’ll disappear along with the accompanying freighter and respawn close by with the frigates still uncontactable.

I just checked one of my guaranteed exotic drops and seems there’s no problem there (for me at least) After portaling in, landing at the space station and reloading the game its still the first ship to land every time.

Heres the ship if you’d like to test it :slight_smile:


In relation to my previous post…
Exotic ships have started appearing so it looks as if a certain (secret) milestone needs to be unlocked to prompt the appearance…or perhaps certain regions have a higher appearance rate.
Either way, that issue is fixed.

As for the frigates not talking; I suspect that once you reach maximum quota (30?) they must stop communicating.
Dismissing frigates doesn’t ammend this situation so at present, even with less frigates, they are not talking or appearing as available.


I have only 20 frigates but it is still the combat frigates that will not communicate with me. The rest work fine.


Since my last post I noticed that about 50% of the time when approaching frigates the ones that are not highlighted in the group send out a call signal when you get close enough. Just seems its an issue with the labelling. Snagged a couple of new combat frigates this way.