Why do I see only two support frigates?


I’m new on these forums and just got nms on Xbox.
I’m realy liking it and putting quite some hours in already.
One thing I’m running in to is though that I have got three support frigates now but only two of them are actually visible when my freighter jumps in.
They’re not alwas the same two but there’s always one missing.
None of them are on a mission atm.

Am I the only one with this problem?


Go to the bridge and interact with the fleet control terminal…the one facing up towards the captain’s chair and the forward window…in that terminal place your pointer over each of the three frigates and it will highlight them in the rotating picture of your freighter and frigate image.

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I have not heard of this. I have not warped my Freighter since obtaining my Frigates. Will check it out on PC.

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I was talking about the outside view, when I approach my freighter with my ship only two frigates are there.
I should’ve been clearer about that sorry.
When I go to the missions guy I can pick any of the three frigates but outside the freighter you only see two accompanying the freighter.

The npc freighters always have a whole bunch of support ships surrounding it.

If you see where it is in the terminal it should be in the same point in space around your freighter when you go outside…the terminal just lets you know if it’s hidden in an akward position…there are at least 30 different spots around your freighter where each frigate can be.


I didn’t know that.
I’ll check it the next time I’m on.

Thanks for the tip.

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Well I went to the fleet management console on my freighter last night.
All three frigates are in the list and when I hover with my cursor over two of them they highlight in the 3d image.
The third isn’t in the 3d image at all.
I did this after installing the 1.57 update.

Later today I’ll try it again in Creative and I’ll add some more frigates too.

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It could be glitched…is it an actual “Support” class frigate? Or is it a Combat/Exploration/ Trade frigate? If it’s an actual Support class you might as well just dismiss it and get rid of it…Support class frigates are pretty useless and you should never buy them even if they are S class. Support frigates are to frigates what Shuttles are to ships…junk.

Okay I tried it in creative and all seems to be fine, I did use a different type of freighter though.
Maybe it’s restricted to one type of freighter and it’s specific frigate slot.
It’s not always the same frigate that is missing.
I’ll try getting more frigates in normal and see what happens

The freighter with the problem is the big black machete shape, the one in my creative game is the big flat stardestroyer looking kind.
You usually see them both when entering a system and a battle is going on.