The Curious Case of the Vanishing Freighter

The circumstances I’m about to describe have just happened for the third time in three weeks. It goes like this:

I have a nice S class freighter, but I’d like a prettier model. One of the big Star Destroyer types.

  1. I warp into a new system, and there is a nice Star Destroyer, under attack.

  2. I engage the bad guys. I fight off all waves. I get the message “Attack ships destroyed”.

  3. The Star Destroyer and its entourage warp out of the system, never to be seen again. I don’t get a message from the commander, I don’t get an opportunity to buy the ship. It doesn’t just disappear - it actually warps out, using the relevant animation.

  4. I am left alone, in a new system, wondering what happened. Is it my after shave? My fashion sense? Do I have a personal freshness problem?

This has happened three times now. It’s getting irritating.


how long do your battles typically last?

Five minutes or so. Eight attack ships, in four waves, two in each wave.

Then a message “Attack ships destroyed”, then the freighter and its support ships warp away. :persevere:

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You are being played. :smirk: Word has spread around the galaxy about this guy…perhaps they are also responsible for locking all of your event items back up as well. Or, perhaps it is @Mad-Hatter s rift in the universe and it is spreading to all of us…:scream:


are you sayin we all dirty?

Just in case this isn’t a joke, @sheralmyst is talking about the guy flying the freighter. :grinning:


no no…they are just taking advantage of a gun for hire without giving him the payout.

I have never seen freighters warp away like that. I do sometimes get the “ships destroyed” message before I have even begun the battle.


@Polyphemus, your diplomacy is strong.


Nice. @sheralmyst.
So kind of you to include me :grin:

As far as I’m aware, my rift applies only to bizzare game wrecking glitches & the occasional cross-dimensional space time tear.

@Polythemus’ new glitch of ungrateful pirate victims bolting, is a whole new type of thing.

“Help us! Help us!”
“Yes OK. I’ll put my ship & resourses at risk to help you stranger.”
Pew! Pew! Pew!..
“There you go. How about we…”


For whatever reason, when another fleet warps in the freighters you battle for warp out now. I’ve started saving on the station before the fight in case it happens to me. Your reload will put you right back to the beginning of the encounter, provided you haven’t engaged before saving.


@Polyphemus: I have changed category to match your topic.


It was in General Discussion because I’m not sure it is a bug. It occurred to me that it might be a new feature, intended to make the high-value freighters more difficult to obtain.

Still, I don’t really mind where it goes.


Okay. Just experienced a similar situation. I was investigating the purchase of a new frigate. I have noticed that only one type of frigate will contact me. ( the sleek ones with the ‘fin’ on them) The other types will not not. Is there a limit to how many we can have of a kind? I have about 15 frigates total right now. Anyway, as I was flying near a combat frigate trying to illicit a response from the captain, the WHOLE ENTIRE fleet suddenly vanished! They did not warp away, just POOF! gone.


Even more bizarre, I was taking a pic of the type of frigate that I can purchase
when suddenly another fleet jumps in and this happens
I decided to play along to see what happened. I shot a couple of pirates who had already initiated a pursuit of me, and the sentinel ships seemed focused on the pirates as well. They were not interested in me. As soon as I destroyed the two pirate ships, the sentinel ships just POOFED away.
Something is screwy.

Even more interesting, I found that Captain Lamplung was willing to sell me his B class ship for a mere 5mil…and I hadn’t even done anything for him.
I must admit I was a bit afraid of stepping on board since I was fearful the ship might suddenly vanish from around me or take me with it…:scream:


Not sure if the fix to the event has anything to do with any of this but, I just entered a system with a freighter under attack. Defeated the pirates and the whole scenario played out as expected.
I should have taken the previous B class for 5mil. :sweat_smile:
Just one odd thing, I could swear the Korvax captain said he really wanted potato chips…seriously…that is what I heard. :laughing:


Have we been getting into the Christmas spirits a tad early, have we? :cocktail:


Do you own a combat frigate? Is that frigate in the same system as you? If you answered yes to both questions, your combat frigate will deploy and send its fighters if you are attacked by pirates. They are not sentinels but support fighters from your combat frigate.


Good to know. I had never experienced that before. It still vanished suddenly when done…:thinking:

Yeap. The frigate warps out and the fighters fly off into the … errr… sun set. :laughing:


Just had another fleet vanish after defeating the Pirates…I was just about to land on the Freighter when POOF! gone.