All the repairs I made are gone


I have spent the better part of yesterday and today repairing a damaged ship I found. I don’t know why but all those repairs have just disappeared and I don’t know why. Any ideas?


First, Welcome to the community! :heart:

Second, have you tried reloading the game?

I have had many weird things happen around ships especially in this Singularity Expedition. But having repairs disappear? Not yet anyway. I have had ships disappear. Crashed ships fly off just as I opened the interaction window, etc… I would try relogging first, or moving the ship, or if you have a freighter go there and see if the repairs show up again.

The only other thing I can think of is that your game wasn’t saving properly, but that would mean you would still have all your resources.

There are lots of helpful people here so I hope someone can help you. Good luck! :heart:


Welcome to the forum @EffectMJ ! I changed the topic so we can get you some help.
The only thing I can think of is the game needed a hard save. Though auto save is a new feature, always make sure to jump in and then out of your ship to make sure the game creates a restore point. It stinks to lose so much work. :unamused:


Welcome @EffectMJ

I’m guessing you are on PC so I’m personally not much help as I play on PS5.
However I’ll query a couple of points, just for clarity for anyone else.

What platform are you using?

If you fixed the ship & then flew it, did those few repairs to the main systems survive your problem?

Are you sure you saved: such as by exiting the ship or via one of the other save methods? (There is an autosave feature but I haven’t noted how often it occurs).

As for the other repairs, were you using various materials or repair kits?

Did you summon your freighter, thus relocating your various ships on board?

When repairing did you have ALL the materials or only some thus leaving the ship slot only partialy repaired?

These points do matter as over the years odd bugs have occured relating to these things.

Best of luck.


When you send out frigates, they sometimes come back damaged, and need repair. The process is simple, but very tedious. You fly out to the frigate, board, find the damged areas, and supply the necessary materials.

There is, however, a problem. If you don’t have the materials required for the repair, you have to leave the frigate to find the necessary materials. The problem is that when you come back, you find that the frigate is still broken - but in different ways, and requiring different materials.

It seems there is a flag that gets set “this ship is damaged”, and as long as the flag remains set, the game will randomly apply damage to the ship, every time you visit.

I have recently observed something very similar happening to crashed ships in the expedition. For me, it’s only happened if I don’t move the ship from the original crash site. I have visited crashed ships, repaired them, then returned and found them damaged again - but in different ways.

I think in this case it’s something to do with the location. It doesn’t seem to happen if I move the ship - only if I leave it at the original crash site.


Sorry for the late response, new to posting on a forum. Thank you for the welcoming!

To clear some things up I found a S class ship one day and decided to make all the repairs that it needed. I then used the repaired ship for roughly 3 hours with no issues. I completed a quest and teleported to the anomaly, bought some recipes and when I hit tab to move stuff into my ship’s inventory and all of the progress on the repairs were gone. All of the upgrades I put in the ship were gone, and all of the stuff I had in the inventory was also gone.

Since then I have been saving as much as possible but I am pretty new to the game still so I don’t have a frigate or anything. I was just excited to use an S class that I found. Thank you all for helping me out with this so far!


Hmph. That does sound like a new one. Or a very rare one. If you used it for 3 hours, there would have been plenty of saving going on. Never encountered this kind of behaviour myself, and never heard of it occuring.
If you backed up the savegame at this point it might be worth zendesking, but if not I figure it will be almost impossible to reproduce.

In any case, if you’re on PC, you could get the NMS save editor and re-fix your ship with it. Those fixes are extremely expensive in terms of playtime, so it would certainly seem worth it…


I agree. I haven’t come across this sort of event before - it sounds like some rare and fugitive bug, and, as such, probably difficult or impossible to track down.

Very annoying to have this happen to an S class.


I’ve had the bug (some time ago), where the broken slot/object wants different materials to fix, than when previously interacted with but the OP issue & subsequent clarification are nothing like I’ve encountered or read about.
Very new & very odd.
As a PS5 player, I’m not familiar with save editors & the complications that can come with PC set ups.