The Crashed Ships Thread

When I was a young guy, just starting out, I didn’t have a lot of money. But I had some engineering skills and knowledge.

I would buy scrap cars for next to nothing, and fix them up. Sometimes I would have as many as three of the same model - I would take the engine from one, the gearbox from another, and the back axle from the third. Having taken the parts I wanted, I would sell on the used donor vehicles as scrap, and get back nearly as much money as I paid for them. My neighbours must have hated me - my driveway looked like a junkyard, but I always had a nice car. And they were virtually free. The only real cost was my own labour.

Now I am not a young guy any more. And you can’t really do that sort of thing with modern cars anyway. They’re not designed to be repaired, they’re designed to be replaced.

But the idea has stayed with me. I’ve always been a maker, and a repairer. So the idea of repairing crashed ships in No Man’s Sky resonates very strongly. It’s a part of the game I really enjoy. It’s probably cheaper, and certainly easier, to just buy the ships you want. But, for me, that’s not the point. Restoring crashed ships is fun.

So this is the crashed ships thread. Please feel free to talk about how to find them, how to fix them, and the things you’ve done with them. Share pictures of the ones you have, and the ones you didn’t bother with.

Save the Galaxy. Care for your environment. Recycle those ships!


As a starting example, here’s one of several I found today. It’s a bit of work for the repair yard, but worth it, I think you’ll agree.


Now that I have one fully functioning ship that I use for everything, I don’t mind taking on a big repair job, especially if it something like the ship above. Sadly, I have not yet found a crashed ship worth fixing up but, I have not really been looking. Will have to be more diligent.


The way the game works now, after NEXT, if you have a freighter, and you have fewer than 5 ships, when you find a crashed ship, you can just take it. You don’t need to exchange.

Find a crashed ship, claim it, do the most basic repairs to get it airworthy (fix the shields, the launch thrusters, and the pulse engine), and it’s yours. You can then just get back into your old ship, and the crashed ship will be added to you collection.

When you come to claim the ship, do not exchange. Choose the option to buy it - you will find it says “Buy for 0 units”. If you choose to exchange, you lose your original ship. Could be embarrassing.

If you like, you can then repair it at your leisure. Or, if it’s not worth repairing, you can hang onto it to exchange later on. Because once you have five ships, you can’t just take the crashed ships any more. You need to have something to exchange for them. And a 16 slot class C shuttle, with most of the slots busted, will work just fine.

Ship collecting is a lot more sensible now.


OK. The class S ship I pictured before is set up in the repair yard. It’s a 48 slot ship, and there’s a lot of damage, so it will take a couple of hours before I get it completely repaired. (It’s the one on the far left).


Would be cool if we could just sell them on for units as well as part exchanging, become galactic starship dealerships


I don’t get into the crashed ships myself - but I did want to say this is one of the most unique ideas and bases I have yet to see in Next.

Very nice, maybe we will have an option further down the line to sell and not just exchange our ships?


I agree. And it makes even more sense in NEXT. They’re now much harder to find, and It’s much more effort to fix them. It’s not like it would unbalance the game economy, and we’re able to share other things at our bases.

Maybe it’s something for the future.