Dead Pilots Society

There’s an eerie beauty in destruction. Salute the fallen with your crash freighter pictures


Love the play on words here, if it was intentional xD
O Captain, My Captain :stuck_out_tongue:


Carpe diem :wink:

with the abundance of crashed ships being found lets not restrict paying tribute to our fallen freighter pilots, any and all crashed ship pictures are welcome here.

found this little beauty an hour ago, 26slot + 5tech unusual paint: mottled rust and grey nose, on a white body with red accents

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You wanna loot this wreck? You gotta get by us first! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


hmmm, it’s always the same freighter model that hits the dirt, must be a design fault :man_technologist:


I did what I could for the fighter pilot, which in reality meant only informing their next of kin.

The cold light of day revealed the crash site.

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I’m sorry


Crashed or not… these are my favorite, for now. :slight_smile:

A book I remember my dad had. Always loved the pictures.Wreckhalf


He left it there, a monument of his failure


Thats a sweet cover, Now i’m interested in reading it.

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I was too young to be interested in the short stories at the time but 35 years later I’d love to get my hands on this again.

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This game has grown my interest in older sic-fi books.

ewrk’s pic above reminds me that I wish HG would go back to the old Photo Mode method, or some variation. Not only does his image look like it came from a tiny diorama with a ship model maybe 2" tall, the shadows now are all airbrushed looking. It was so much nicer before.

I might have some pictures floating around in my folder to share later. I’m quite the shutterbug in The Sim. But I should be responsible and get a car legal today.

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