Picture Comparison

I might be going crazy here, but I think I’m on a planet featured on NMS website.

Have a look and see what you think…

This is from the No Man’s Sky site…

and this is what I took last night, quite unintentionally and by pure chance.


Similarities with the freighter but if you look at the terrain around it, it looks different. I’d have to see the picture lined up more like theirs though.

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Looks the same to me. You seem to be a bit more up close vs the NMS site. And maybe it’s a different time of day? But yeah, good stuff… I mean, what are the chances?!!

Sorry guys, I don’t think it’s the same planet. It’s ok that crashed freighters seem to be identical, cause they’re not procedurally generated.

Which is a bit of a let down… Specially considering there was a mod running before 1.3 that already added crashed freighters (odd-angled ground-clipping, really) with regular pods to loot, and they were all fully procedural… Really hard to come by two that were alike. Soooo… Room for improvement, there, to say the least.

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