The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


I’ve found several occasions where something less than serious occurs in NMS and this thread its dedicated to those odd occasions, be they funny occurrences or graphic faults or just plain weird…
Such as:

What happens when a farmer gets bored and wants to try out his new terrain manipulator:

Or what happens when a shuttle and an explorer merge in a “Pimp My Ride” abomination.

Or perhaps you unfortunately found out what the inside of a Space Anomaly looks like.

Dig up your less than perfect images and post them here.

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This is the what happens when you try to park a Gull Wing S class in the middle bay.

You can barely get past it but you CAN get straight in your ship from the top level :smile:

…and yes… the folding wings partially block the side stairwells as well.


New cheese grater finish to stop those pesky Jawas running their fingers over your ship.
(Graphics fault I’ve had on 2 occasions but causes no problems)


And finally for today… Revealing the fabric of reality.
Note how the stones actually follow the lines. Caused no problems.


Drilled right through the planet.

I had a few issues with freighters inside space stations.


bunch of star ships getting mashed at the entrance to a space station


Collision in 3…2…

(They actually passed right through)


What happens when parking is at a premium.

What happens when the toilets backup into the warp drive.


Pictures arn’t loading for me :frowning:


Ok some coming through now


This graphic fault is actually from just before 1.3 dropped and actually stayed for quite a while before it self-fixed.
Sort of looks like carbon fibre.


“This is a monument I have carved from granite to the coolest looking Explorer I ever saw…”


While mining, I discovered that the edge of reality was dangerously close. I was so preoccupied with mining and shooting sentinels I didn’t see the fault happening all around me. As I mined it grew bigger!:scream:


Not a glitch but a good example of a pile of ‘empties’ after an enthusiastic nanite collecting safari.
I have several shots like this :grin:


Was creepy when I found it. Do you see it?
Ego…is that you?


Going wild in creative mode to see how many accessible domes I could build. Quite a lot actually :rofl:
I was even able to pop a few gravatinos upstairs.


Where is Id?


"Where is Id???"
Whats that mean???

Ohh… I get it. Thanks @DevilinPixy



K1: First. Open up the settings menu.
K2: Yeah… I’ve got that.
K1: Now open up connectivity…
K2: Yeah…?
K1: Then press Bluetooth…
K2: Right…?
K1: Now, search devices…