Be Wary of Posting your location

Ok, I lost my main save recently of about 1k hours (game will not load at all with that profile). I posted my base here in the galactic co ordinates thread.

I used my other profile to visit the base to see if it was still there and the base is gone but this guys base is floating in space where my freighter is for some reason.

Looks as if that’s the reason for me losing my game. There’s always someone that will mess things up for you given a chance. So be aware if someone makes a base in your system/planet it can do more than just disappear your base.


Looks like you took the pic underwater and can’t see that the other base is on another planet in the same system, and not floating in space. I still belive the only thing that can happen is another players base is no longer visible.


lol, i was just going to take a picture, I flew through it in space and it said location reached and it disappeared .

That was taken underwater showing the original base hub.

I disagree though, too much of a co incidence

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There has been quite a bit of talk regarding odd server issues lately.
Mine & Mrs MH’s games (both on PS4) have both done strange server related things & have both simply dropped off internet connectivity.

It has become evident that back-ups every so often in the event of a game being lost to curruption is a vital part of playing NMS.

I have experienced a glitch where another player is in the same system as myself but not ‘functioning’ a few times but never an incorrect base placement.
My own game has suffered occasional crashes ever since my game got bugged by the ‘monument bug’ but so far it always reboots :crossed_fingers:


Yes, I shared my creative mode home planet address to a lot of people (beautiful lush with blue grass and pink trees) and someone built a base there and placed a comm station saying “I am never moving my base from here!” rather beligerently.


I warped out and back into the system after flying through that ‘base’.
My old base is visible again


Excellent to hear.
Many faults seem to be fixed by the reloading sequence of warping out then back again.


Yeah the base is back, Its just the game that’s lost now ;p.
Nms won’t load on that psn account .


Wow, thats so messed up dude. I honestly didn’t think people like that existed in no mans sky

I have had issues lately as well with people visiting my base but finding my old base. I rearranged everything last week and apparently it did not save on the servers. I also jumped through a portal and when I returned home all my base pieces were shifted and moved like there had been an earthquake. Thankfully a restart fixed it. I have heard the server issues were being resolved but I don’t know if that is totally true. Some were even speculating that this might mean the update is dropping soon but, who knows? :scream:

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I’m suspecting that HG are transferring server info in preparation for the NEXT update. With 2 more platforms joining the community they may have decided to upgrade and bolster things. I’m thinking I might actually go offline for a while simply to avoid any possible conflicts. I haven’t got a publically known base-share location anyway so it doesn’t worry me.
That reminds me… time to do another game backup before we get too close to NEXT dropping… just in case :thinking:


Hmmmm…yeah. Don’t want that fissure, rift incident following you into the NEXT iteration. :laughing:


Yes…some disasters are never forgotten. :crazy_face:


You can always report the base as offensive? and write a ticket to HG… maybe they can take action… this is an issue for them as I know many have had this problem. Even if nothing happens, you should let HG know so that become aware of the problem!

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Second that motion. Screenshot that offensive comm message and send it in.

And the joke is really on him, he’s now stuck on your planet forever (so he says) while we’re off to explore the other 18 quintillion planets. In the end, that’s probably good for someone like that to just sit there forever!

Personally I thing HG just need to fix this issue to where when one person sets up base in a system another lives in, it causes problems for that person…this seems like an unintended bug first and foremost. But if they want to implement clear trolling and griefing mechanics and then when someone tries to use them they get auto-perma-banned then I say hell yeah. That would be hilarious as hell actually.

It seems a simple fix so I’m not sure why it wasn’t patched already.
Once a base is claimed that system simply has all its habitable base interfaces updated to say something like, “This base is not available” with a block preventing any visiting players from claiming.
If someone is trolling and tries to operate offline then come back online with an altered time stamp or something then it remains the property of the individual who was first there. Only claiming a base on a new planet removes the block.
Surely, this is easy to implement :thinking:

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I concur. The persons base was placed in a deliberately vindictive fashion to interfere with Mac’s base. This would be the “poster child” case for reporting a base, beside perhaps using the infrastructure blocks to make something profane.

On a related note, I have reported 2 comm-balls so far: One was profane without using banned words. The other was placed in a different mode and interfered with the function of my base (blocked plants inside the base).


Hey there, just wanted to let you know that the issue was a glitch, how my handle ended up on a base icon in dersvr’s system is beyond me (we are not even in the same galaxy, so really quite odd.) I am quite careful not to disrupt the bases of other’s, never building on a planet or system discovered by another player, and would not know how to erase another player’s base completely, as described in the post, even if I wanted to. Please note, I’ve already reached out to desvr in a separate communication when this occured to be certain it is understood no intentional damage was inflicted, and the glitch has since corrected.

I would not like to be painted as the “poster child” for vindictive behavior as I have no conflict with dersvr or any other player in NMS… - thanks, jpfet