[Question] about 2 bases in 1 system

So somebody claimed a base on the same planet as my farm, I know his base will pop up when scanned from space but will my base still be visible to people who come? It’s marked with tons of comms so people will still see it’s location but I’m not sure if my farm is still usable or if I should pack up and move. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

If anyone can verify for me that would be great!

Sadly, only one of the two bases will be visible to other players. You are able to see both because one of the bases is your own, which is saved on your own system’s hard drive, but to see another player’s base, it has to be saved to Hello Game’s “base share server” as I call it, and the game will only ever load one base from that server per star system.


That is unfortunate but thank you for your help! I’ll find a new system and post up the new location.


It may get worse once a 3rd base is claimed in the same system. From what I understood, a 3rd base will cause one base to be completely removed, usually the oldest.

There are however ways to prevent Base Griefing, somewhat complicated and requires having/creating backup(s). Similarly there are ways to alter a save (PC), allowing for an instant copy of your base at another or even the same location, by replacing the part that contains the base construction data in a new save.

You might find the following info useful:
Base Building / Player Bases (Gamepedia)

Edit: Something possibly worth a try, although not tested myself, so unsure of the outcome.
Turn off base sharing, make some changes to your base, turn base sharing back on.

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I wasn’t aware of this problem and in my search for rare weapon and ships I have followed some trails through portals and then claimed a temporary base there, etc., in order to get my ship back.

When I read this, I immediately moved my last base which was on an previously inhabited planet to an un-named system nearby.

@Bcnuby, maybe wait a bit; they may move on. Or try to find out who the person was and contact them?

I hope HG will correct this situation in a future update.