Dual Save Base Question

With the new save system, it is possible to have multiple saves in the same game mode. I recently started a new game on a new save slot so I now have 2 Normal (PS4) saves. One advanced & residing in the ETARC Hub while the other is still in the very early stages.

My questions are:
Can I visit my other-selfs bases (eventually) even though they are the same player ID?
Has anyone else attempted a parallel save interaction?
If I CAN visit my own base, what level of interaction can I achieve: is it like visiting another player or can I interact fully like a second base?
By having a second save does this affect others ability to interact with my original base?
Any & all info appreciated.


No, you cannot visit any of your own bases, even if they are on a different save file.

Other players should be able to visit any base you have built, so long as someone else hasn’t built another base in the same star system, and the person is in the correct game mode.

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Ok thanks @MacForADay.
I suspected that might be the way it might be.

That allows me to change my plans.
On my save 2, I shall follow the Atlas path into the next galaxy.
Any suggestions on which one to choose when the time comes?

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Sorry, I’m not the one to ask, as my community has concentrated on Euclid. Some say the different galaxies have varying ammounts of things, but I’m not convinced, I think it’s all placebo, and until someone presents a large sample size of data, I’m going to continue to believe the galaxies are all essentially the same with the usual procedural variance.

If you are planning to go through all the galaxies, I would say choose the galaxy farthest down the line, which I think is Eissentam (a tranquil galaxy).

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choose the one that you will loose the least when exiting the galaxy

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