Farm/ Base Delete

Im thinking of moving my base/farm. I play on PS4, Normal mode, my question is

-what does it mean by only being able to allow one base per system?
- if another player claims the exact base as I in the same system , will my base get deleted?
- will my base just not be visible to other players

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This one. But it happens if another player claims any base in the same system, not just the exact same one.


ok , so I will not lose anything? @jedidia

As long as you manually dismantle it, then yes, you’ll get all the resources back @TheLoneTraveler

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Even if others can’t see your base, it will be there for you.


It would be more accurate to say that only one base is visible per system. It is possible to have more than one, but only the most recently built base is visible to other players. You will not lose you base if someone else moves in to the system.

It shouldn’t be possible to claim a base that someone has already claimed. The game doesn’t allow it. I suppose there is a roundabout way to do it by going offline first, but I haven’t heard of anyone trying it.

That being said, we have had a few “incidents” with having bases too close together. When someone moves into your system, it is safest to just move to a different one.

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@TheLoneTraveler: I included the ‘No Man’s Sky - General Discussion’ category.

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