Base sharing question (PS4)

I’ve been enjoying No Man’s Sky since launch and recently talked a buddy into picking it up right before 1.3 dropped.

It’s been a totally different experience with the basic Multiplayer aspect that was added. I’m definitely enjoying it. We moved to the same system and found a base right next to each other, however for some reason my base was “stuck” part way through my build and his base is still “stuck” at an earlier time.

I tried numerous things to get my base (and his) to update to its current state but nothing worked. In am effort to rectify the problem I clamed a different base in an entirely different system. However, I’ve almost completed my new base build but my old base still shows up for him. We’ve yet to have him visit my new base to see if it shows up on his side.

Not sure if it’s related but when we had our bases in the same system, for some reason my starship listed his name inside the cockpit instead of mine.

I’m curious if anyone knows exactly what triggers a base to be “uploaded” so to speak. I’m wondering if it’s one a week type thing or maybr when you “register a visit” it locks the base into whatever you had built at that time.

Hopefully that made sense. =P

Thanks for any information. =)

There was another member with a similar glitch where another unknown persons ID would appear when in their system.
I believe the end decision was to pack up and move.
In your case it may be necessary for you to both pack up and move.
Yours is a rare but not isolated event.

With regard to your old base showing up in his simulation I believe this may be down to the base sharing feature, assuming you have it turned on?

Incidentally I had to move bases when v1.3 landed as it caused my base to be floating lol