PS4 Base Sharing Questions. Normal Mode

I have a few questions (with notes) regarding base sharing on PS4. As I’m not yet able to utilise portals fully, my experience with base sharing is very limited…
I figure others may have similar queries too.

  1. What personal settings are required on PS4 to utilise base sharing.
    I have most of my PSN features set to ‘no one’…will this cause a problem?

  2. Other than an internet connection and Base Sharing turned on, are there any other settings required?
    In my menu, the icon suggests I’m online and I have many CONTACT icons in my galactic map, (which a visit reveals them to have been found by various travelers but eith minimal discoveries).

  3. How do I advertise the location of a base? Does a base show up following a scan or is it via a Comunication Station?
    I have not found another base in my travels so I’ve no way of knowing how another’s base or com-station appears. Is there a specific scanner upgrade for this?

  4. How many com-stations can be used on a planet to lead a visitor from a portal to your base.
    I intend to set up a new base not far from a portal but I’m not sure of the best way to lead a potential visitor.

All answers and additional relevant information greatly appreciated.

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As I understand it base sharing means when someone visits your planet, either by portal or space travel, they will be able to see and interact with your base, one would assume “contact” would show up for them in their galaxy map.


1&2 I’m not aware of any PSN privacy settings impacting the NMS base sharing…as long as you have base sharing enabled in the game’s settings your base should be visible to others.

3 The best way is to share a portal address for your planet/system…your base should appear on a scan from space but I’vve encountered situations where that didn’t happen…placing a comm terminal next to your base can definitely help others find it as I’ve always been able to see that even when I couldn’t pick up the actual base via a scan from space.

  1. I am not aware of there being a limit to the number of comm stations a planet can have but too many can just create confusion…my suggestion is keep it simple…one by the portal and one by your base should suffice. Try to base somewhere close to a portal…ideally withing 10 minutes via exocraft or closer.

I too, am at a similar position. Having only two glyph’s my own travels are quite limited at the moment and this currently has my top priority in NMS.

As long as base sharing is turned on your fine, you don’t even need a PS-Plus account. The Contact’s are other players discoveries, doesn’t necessarily mean there is a base there, but… you never know there could be.

There is no scanner unfortunately that will aid you.

The best way of attracting visitors is either with Glyph’s or coordinates posted here. If you haven’t yet located a portal on your planet, the coords can be converted to Glyphs, On my last planet, the portal was 12hrs on foot away! So I moved to one that is 37 mins away.

I personally have a waypoint beacon at my base, and one at the Portal, both different colours, (although I’m not sure if these are visible to all, can someone confirm?) I used to have a Comm Station at the portal giving the time and cardinal direction. “My base is 37mins East” for example but now I just have one at my base directing them to this forum, people don’t seem to have a problem finding my base.

I’m not sure how many Comm Stations can be set up.

Hope that was some help!


Thanks heaps guys.
I just wanted to make sure I was on the right track.
New base is pending and quite close to a portal, once I move & get organised, I’ll let the Atlas-Etarcian PS4 community know where I am.

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I have a lot of experience with base sharing and visiting bases through the Spacing Guild.

@DarthTrethon answered points 1-2 correctly. I would also add that if you want others to see your base, then you also want to enable base sharing in your options menu for NMS.

For #4: The best way to guide someone to your base is to place a beacon within the boundaries of your base. This will allow any player within the star system to see the beacon location (as a color coded star symbol).

And on a person note with #3: It is kind to let other players know which mode your base was built in when advertising. if you are in a different mode than the base, you will not see it (nor the above mentioned beacon), but you will see comm-balls.

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OK thanks…
I was unaware other players could see another players beacon. That’s a cool bit of extra info.
So Com-Terminals, Beacons and of course sharing Portal Coordinates here.

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The comm terminals are just as visible as beacons within a system…for all intents and purposes they can be used as beacons except they have the added functionality you can leave a message for others on them so when talking about inviting others to your base the terminals are the far better option. It’s how the hubs operate.

But yes…game mode, platform you play on, and galaxy you are in are all critical info that could mean others don’t see your base, markers, and discoveries.

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I suggest beacon within a base because it can be seen by anyone from orbit. Where in my experience, the comm-balls can be seen once you enter onto a planet. Outside of a base, only the placer can see their own beacon. This makes the base beacon placement unmistakable as a player base location if you didn’t place the beacon yourself.

Also, the comm-balls can be placed by anything and not necessarily bases. This fact put me on a 2 hour wild goose chase yesterday to find a player’s base through a portal (a trade post was marked instead).

I’ve been able to see the comm terminals from space though not sure if you first have to enter orbit to see them…so if your beacons are supposed to be more visible then sure…though personally I don’t remember seeing more than one or two beacons across several populated systems at the hub I visited. Every time I couldn’t pick up the base on a scan it was a comm terminal that helped me find it.

But beacons can be placed anywhere too…

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Part of the issue may be that most people don’t know to place the beacon at their base.

Trust me, with visiting several dozen bases for the Spacing Guild, the beacons function like this. Other players cannot see your beacon unless you put one within the boundaries of your base. Please, try it out.

Is it possible to remove other people’s Comm Balls as someone has placed one underneath my landing pad…

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Unfortunately, no. Only the author of the comm-ball can remove them.

A beacon and a com-ball at my base, good directions on this forum, with clear descriptions of mode, platform etc. etc.
It will be pretty easy to locate anyway.
I’ll actually encourage visitors to leave a greeting as they travel from portal to base, rather than at my base, as the constant words on the screen while in the base area will be irritating.

Most people will be considerate enough to not leave comm balls in your base area and also spread them out a bit away from other visitors.

It’s good practice to keep your balls away from others people’s balls… :smirk: