Base sharing


Can you still Base share even if you are in creative and not playing online? I have uploaded my Base but can anyone else see it or do I have to be in multiplayer and pay a subscribtion?


I am not sure on this point. Some have said that the Upload Base option at the Base Comp allows others to see your base. The main issue right now, is that server connectivity is sketchy. Maybe someone could go to your planet and see if it is visible and answer this definitively. Do you have portal coords?


From what I’ve heard the only thing “uploading” does is determine which of your bases on one planet can be seen by others if you have more than one base on a planet…and that is if others happen to pass through that system since you can’t or at least shouldn’t be joinable at random.


Umm haven’t found a portal yet… as I just saw a set of red grass and sand islands in a deep green blue sea and fell in love with the place…so I might be miles and miles away from one. And as I am really only wandering around I am not sure about getting the coordinants.
I have forgotten so much scince I was in hospital and recovering it is like starting all over again!
I have set up a signal booster and the only ancient artifact is on another planet!


Insert a Nav Data into the Signal Booster and search for Ancient Relics. This should mark a monolith. When you get there you can search for a portal if you have the right trinket. In a Vy’Keen system that will be a Vy’Keen dagger. (that part is the same as it was before) I forget what the other 2 are. When you find a portal, charge the symbols and then request the portal address and snap a pic of it.
NEXT is basically a whole new game. It has taken me almost 40 hrs of gameplay to begin to feel comfortable in it. Kinda like getting a new car. :sweat_smile: I keep a notebook handy. :wink:


Yes I have a note book, I am creative so do I need a dagger? In the last game it was like having a trillion pounds to play with I could get anything!!!
i did access the signal booster and I am now looking at the only Acient relic which is on another planet…am I right in thingking that the metal pole with the flag show the way to a portal?
Thanks for you help… hope I am not sounding too naive about this. ha while I was writing this the cat press something on my controller and I found myself flying into space…


Gotta love cats!
I think the metal poles were just a guess but, they never worked out for me. Just fly around and explore. You will likely find a plaque sooner or later.
If you have started over with a new save, it can take a while to get even the basic quests done.


Yep thought that it would be hard work…nothing easy in this world or nms’s it seems… thanks again.


The metal poles will sometimes direct you to a “plaque” which is a monolith, and you can ask some of the npc’s for directions too. But I’m not sure if they’ll send you to a monolith tho.


I think you need to be online temporarily to UPLOAD your base. This will then make it locateble for other travellers to chance across or if you share your portal address. You can then return to offline.
Of course, multiplayer will require you to be online.

Finding a portal is as described. Place a signal booster to find artifacts. Once you locate a monolith, this will direct you to a portal. This may take multiple attempts from multiple locations.

(Take advantage of ruins as they have fun discoveries attached to their ‘ancient pasts’.
The Terrain Manipulator Multitool tech is a fairly important part of play now as there is lots to find.


I have 2 questions about base sharing:

Do we still require a beacon to mark our UPLOADED base or does it now show up anyway?
When you travel via portal now,does your current ship always come through now.

((That makes quite a difference when setting up a base-shareable whether it needs to be close to a portal or a bit further off))


Ship follows through on portal and no need for beacon, just need to upload base from terminal and hope discovery services behave.

E. G if I fly to vannast I’ll see base markers with your name on em so no need for beacon. Still handy for colour coding if you have multiple bases per planet, or even per system as base icons behind planets with moons can be confusing if you’ve several spread out on a system. Also have planet with two other travellers bases close by, coloured beacons help there too.


Thanks Mr Todd. :hugs:


In Creative, everything you need for monument interaction is provided. It is quite different to find a portal but they’ve given you the right advice. When you find the right monument (not all I’ve found give you a find the portal option) you’ll have what you need in creative to find the portal.

Can’t help on base stuff as I’ve rarely dabbled in it. Might do more now that we have so much more to ‘play’ with.


Building is fun, you have to place a base computer first a little way from your chosen site just a few feet, then play away …