Base Will Not Upload

I’m having trouble getting my base to upload to the server. I’ve tried uploading it a few times. I’ve checked I’m connected to online services beforehand and as soon as I hit the upload button the status changes instantly to lost connection. Double checked with my other account to see if it was up, flying/warping in and out etc. But no luck.

Base is a bit on the big side and i pulled a trick or two to fit things together, so I’m not sure if its just me.

Wondering is anyone else having the same trouble?

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Yes. There are server issues. These issues were there just prior to NEXT. It is assumed that they are working on so many patches that this issue will be addressed later.
It also seems the Upload Base option allows other players to see your base. Not sure if that is all it is supposed to do. Guess we will have to be patient as HG works out the many bugs.

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Cool, so it’s not just me, I get that its not the number one priority at the moment. I thought it might be an issue of my own making as I was dive bombing down to the portal in the centre of my base so it stayed half stuck underground (so I could do a seamless floor around it). I’ll just have to wait and see :slight_smile:

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What benefit does Uploading your base give you?

I have yet to dp this. However, no one has yet to visit my bases in NEXT.

I think (& don’t quote me), uploading updates your saved base to current build & also puts it on the servers as a base-share location in its current form.
It also seems to have the added benifit of ensuring the names of your bases stick.



You can own several bases on a planet. Anyone in your lobby will see every single one of those bases.

However you can only upload one base per planet for every one to see and also for your friends to use when you aren’t online together, though if they’ve played with you recently and not done much jumping around they’ll still have a copy saved on their local cache of your bases.

So, say you want to build a farm or a place for people to visit, you upload them from base computer and then everyone will see that (not always as discovery services are basically nonexistent right now, but that will be sorted eventually), you can have a max of six bases per system depending on how many celestial bodies are in the system.

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