Can two users (but on the same PS4) share a base?

Was hoping to set up my base in such a way so that I can share with my partner even though we take turns on the console. Obviously if we had separate consoles we could share but what about when sharing??? :thinking:
Does anyone with more NMS NEXT MP experience know if this can be done or if this is restricted to in game sharing only.

Each base only has one owner…you can help each other build but a base only has one owner and the other can’t edit when the owner isn’t online.

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I thought that would probably be the case.
I suppose I’ll just have to build a dual 4K TV & PS4 NMS dedicated room :grin:

(I wish :upside_down_face: )


You can of course both build base terminals as close as it will allow you(have yet to test how close myself) and build together that way :slight_smile:


I tried yesterday with a friend. When the owner isn’t online you can still upgrade the base, use the refinery (and other machines) even if it’s not yours. So it’s not totally sharing as there’s only one owner but not so bad.
But, if YOU build a teleporter in HIS base, you can’t use it to come back, we need to be the owner to have the destination from a space station.

And it’s not possible to claim a base on the same planet (didn’t try in going very far away from the 1st base)


You could build two bases close to each other on the same planet…teleport to your bases and you’re both right there.

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You can build a base near theirs and they’ll see it. However online services are still very ropey so our bases dont seem to be online yet, more or less disconnected from services every time me and friend are saving so our bases aren’t visible to eachother unless we’re in same party. But my base is on same planet on a hill overlooking his and we’re on either side of a trade post.

When in their base radius, bring up base construction menu and then run away until menu defaults to portable tech/exocraft. Then maybe run a bit further out just so Yr radius doesn’t overlap (not sure what happens there if it does) and you can place a base computer down and start building your own and even Yr own teleporter.

You can only build one teleporter per base and only base owner can use teleporter, however a second player can build a second teleportee for the base owner but again, only base owner can use them. Seems a strange restriction alright.


Maybe on PS4 but not on PC. Or i wasn’t far enough. I was able to place the computer but not to claim a base.

But running away with a wall in the hands until the messaage about the base owner disapear is a good idea.


So, i have to quote myself because with time (at least on Experimental on PC) what i said is wrong.
After meeting my 1st Anomaly i’m able to see my friend’s base with the teleporter on a station.
The minimum distance from a base (computer) to claim another one for a friend is 150u. So it should be possible to build a 600u long base (2 players) if the 2nd one drop his computer at 300u from the other one.

BUT, (maybe it’s a bug and will be fixed) if your friend is in another system, you still can see the tag on his base but not the buildings, even if you built some.

The funniest thing we met is when i have a big storm on my head and my friend has a nice weather :rofl:


You mean you still have not gotten her a PS4 with a customized skin of her choice…tsk tsk…played online with my son and I have to say it is a lot of fun. Get another console. :smile:

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Just to add, I’ve since learned, friends bases will stay visible when offline but must upload manually first from base computer. They can also only upload one base per planet, however if they have several bases on one planet, everyone in the lobby will see them when online together.


What about per system; ie 1 per planet. Are they still visible regardless of being online or not?
Are teleporters usable by visitors?

If its a six planet system you can have six bases uploaded and visible to anyone who visits system when you are offline and as many bases as you like visible to everyone online in same four person lobby as you, regardless of who is host (visible Crown beside name).

The one thing I don’t know for sure is if there’s a limit to how many bases you can build personally per planet, per system and galaxy wide. If there’s a restriction to any of those I’ve yet to encounter it.

Unfortunately teleporters are not usable by visitors. Not sure why or if this will always be the case. I can see this being easily fixed if enough people request it.

Another interesting thing I discovered with regards to teleporters is, you can only build one per base but a visitor can build one in your base too, giving you two teleporters. In theory you could get this to four but I haven’t attempted this. Also because its in your base and even though the visitor placed it, they still can not use even this teleporter.

The handiest solution is for them to place a base computer close by outside of your base boundary and build a portal (and perhaps more if they like) they can then use close enough to yours.


I’m still confuzzled about the “Upload Base” function in the Base computer.

What is it’s function?

Upload your base where?

For what purpose?

What advantages/disadvantages does “uploading” have?

And finally, will it allow your squad mates to use/access parts of your base?

Edit: should I have started a new thread for this?

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If I had to guess I’d say it’s for potentially moving bases…upload, abandon, and then download somewhere else…but I don’t think it quite works yet…maybe in the near future after they fix the game some more.

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@TravelEcho upload base is to set that base as the one base visible to all travellers should they visit that planet.

For example, you build three bases on one planet. To select which one you want everyone to see, you go to the base and you select upload. This will upload to servers and bypasses discovery services whether active or not.

If you would like someone to see the three bases you’ve built on that one planet, you must invite them into your lobby or join their game, otherwise they’ll only see the single base you chose as your uploaded base for that planet.

You can have one base, per planet, uploaded to the servers. So for example, if you were in a full system with six planets, and you by the build and upload a base on each planet, visitors to this system, will always see those six bases you chose to upload.

I have a system with a base on each planet, and two of those planets have three bases each. Then my friend (X) also has two bases on one of those planets and another friend (Y) has one base on that same planet.

When I play with my friends they can see the ten bases I have constructed across the system and I can see both of X’s bases and Y’s singular base, when I am offline they can only see the six I have uploaded.

When they are offline I can see the single base out of the two that X had built on one planet, and I can also see Y’s base on this planet. In total, when playing alone on that particular planet I can see five bases, three of my own, one of X’s and one of Y’s.

I hope that explains base uploading and the limits.


Cool…so that’s what it’s for. But I can see them expanding the functionality of the upload function over time…downloading works with legacy bases and if they want to do any more universe resets in the future they’ll likely grow this function to essentially allow base moving.


Thank you, Todd! That’s very clear and concise. :heart:

So anyone can see the base once uploaded. Can they then take the base apart/destroy it?

(if that’s the case, I don’t want to upload my base, since some nasty people are making a career out of destroying people’s bases and stealing their tech. lol)


There is one dude who claims to have destroyed the base of another but if true I think they have to actually be IN your game to do that. I don’t know for sure as I haven’t tested it…and I don’t intend to. The game doesn’t lock away any content to multiplayer…the multiplayer part of multiplayer missions is more of a suggestion, not a requirement, and if you build up your character you can take on all those missions have to throw at you with relative ease.

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No people can only pick your base apart if they are in your lobby/party :slight_smile: they won’t get any resources from parts they destroy so its fruitless and also only base owner can change colours of things so friends can’t mess with you by changing random things to mad colours. I know because it’s first thing a friend tried to do to me :joy:

Building bases together with others is quite fun so definitely worth a try