Multiplayer Question - (Potential Bug)


I had a friend playing in my session with me last night. He hasn’t played the game since a couple months after launch so this is like a brand new game for him. While he was in my game he could not build in his freighter, or buy a new freighter. We never tried to see if he could build on a planet. There seemed to be more things that he couldn’t do, several customizing options was grayed out for him…

Since I don’t have any other experiences to go off of I have know idea if this is typical or not. Can add your experiences? While in another players game do you still progress or are you hindered in someway?

Thanks in advance for your comments :wink:


I would assume it depends on who is the host. I have yet to try multiplayer, but it makes a bit of sense that the player visiting is more limited when it comes to quests and alike. See if you can have your friend be the host with you visiting? I am sure others have more experience and can provide more detail than I can.


Only the host can summon their freighter so ifbhe joined your game he was on your freighter, however being in Yr lobby he should have permission to build on your freighter and at any of your bases, if they want to build somewhere themselves they need to place down a new base computer. That’s how it should usually work, it’s handled peer to peer as well so make sure Nat settings and everything are all good on both ends though that seems like a problem from a bygone era (haven’t had Nat woes since the xbox 360 early cycle)


I was playing multiplayer in my lobby the other day, they called in a freighter, but then I could not. Also, They couldn’t see another npc freighter parked near by.

You should be able to build on the planet and maybe the freighter. I was able to add stuff to a friends base recently. I did notice that after I wasn’t in their lobby I could not access a cylinder storage canisters, I had built.


Adding to a friends base/freighter yes…but their own, not in someones game. We have to be in our own session to do so, which is not ideal. It seems the only reason to join each others session is to see what was built or to explore together, it gets clunky and buggy beyond just that.