Missions from NPCs: Co-op Multiplayer Disincentive?

Since NEXT updated, @Malveka and I have been trying to play together in his Home System. We thought we’d try it out, but that whoever joined the other would go back to their own system afterward. Wrong. I joined his game, and got stuck there until I could build a base portal and do the startup warp dance. lol.

We built bases near each other. His is on a cliff overlooking a lake and mine is on a peninsula jutting out into that lake.
It was fun except that whoever got to the resource nodes first we found that there was nothing left for the other.

And it didn’t respawn (at least not quickly enough). We enjoyed helping each other with the base quests, too., but we ended up getting out of sync, with one person ready to leave the planet/system while the other was still looking for building resources.

The yesterday, we found that we couldn’t share missions from NPCs either. We were excited to help each other out with the missions, but it seems only one player can do the thing and the other gets nothing, even if it was their quest. It was especially disappointing because we were excited about doing the Archaeological digs together.

We also fought pirates together when a freighter was being attacked. But only one of us was able to accept the freighter from the captain (first come first served).

I guess I’m used to GW2 where quests are shared and so are the rewards as if you soloed it…

(although technically Mal (programmer) says the resources are shared, so that if you harvest it all there’s none left for your friends.)

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say that doing the basic startup tutorial quests together isn’t much fun (for me). Maybe later on when those are done with.

I’m still thoroughly enjoying the game. Just wondered what others are experiencing around this shared/not shared resources and quests rewards thing.


My son is building with 3 friends on one planet. Each building their own base and each going through the base-building quests. He says that 1 person will get the quest to build something, then each person has to do the same before the quest line can progress.
I think their style of play is more Minecraft in nature. They are loving it though. The other 3 guys had never played NMS before.


It makes me happy to hear they are enjoying it together. :heart:

I’ve never played minecraft myself, so I have no reference point for that kind of gameplay. It is really hard being old sometimes, eh? LOL


I suppose the resources and freighter being shared were to be expected…we are now in a full shared multiplayer coop experience…you mine a rock I can’t, I take a freighter, you can’t, etc. To avoid that sort of conflict you can just play solo if you wish or communicate with the other person…split the territory in terms of who mines where, build exocraft to help with mobility and shelter from the environment for longer supply runs and so on. Decide who gets to take which freighter and so on.

But this bit I find strange:

The reason I say this is because the other day I had a new player join my game with the basic starter ship…in Eissentam galaxy. I asked him if it was a new game and he said it was…soooo how did he go home then? Pre NEXT you couldn’t teleport back to previous galaxies…is an exception being made here or did that player lose his initial base for good?

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For this one i’d say it’s normal, there’s only one freighter after all :wink:

What i didn’t try with a friend is the “coop quest” from the freighter. It seems that we both can take it but i don’t know if the reward is shared, both have it or not.

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If you do, try it let us know if you both get rewards. Or even how it works at all. Neither Mal nor I have a freighter yet, so can’t test that myself.

Yes, of course. That’s what the word “disincentive” means. I want to play co-op with my best friend(s) whom I trust and for me the game provides very few incentives to do so, and quite a few disincentives. So much for multiplayer… for me, and possibly for others of like mind.

I’m not giving up the game. But I can see myself just forgetting about playing co-op.

In another game I play daily, the resource nodes and the quest rewards are there for each player. An iron node gives the same amount of iron to everyone who mines it. Anyone who tags a mob gets loot from it (and that is regardless if you are in a group together or not). The economy is thriving. I guess I’m a bit spoiled by that. ;`)

Fascinating! Maybe he didn’t go home. Very strange.

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