How to invite players to base?


I would like to “lnvite” other players to my base I read to do that go to the terminal inside ypur base and find the Invite option…I can’t see that just one message asking me if I want to rename my base… I am in creative on a PS4… any ideas?


I might be wrong but I believe that “invite” feature is for pc. Us PS4 players can only share bases through portal codes for now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Simply list your address here in a new post with descriptions of your game mode, portal address, and directions from your portal to your base.
At present only other same mode players can see your base. (In your case: creative)
Leaving a beacon at your base greatly helps visitors locate it. Perhaps a comunication station nearby too.


Hello, I am the Director of The Spacing Guild, which I founded for this very purpose. Tell me your portal address and planet name and I will send my members to visit you. They will leave you comm stations, some on creative mode will be able to see your base, and they may even interact with you via multiplayer if you happen to be on at the time.

Your address will be public on our website as well, so any number of people may come visit you.


Thank you all. I will get busy preparing my base for visitors still some decorating to do then I get those directions sorted. I have been scared to go through a portal but must try to be braver.


Just be careful if @toddumptious visits…


Oh ! Does @toddumptious eat all the cake and biscuits?


No. Its not so much eating all the treats you have to worry about…
It’s more the shredding of the space time continuum & creating a vortex of chaos and possibly disintegrating all that you think you know, that’s the problem.


Ha! oh that’s all right… Like all Grandmas I know how to deal with tantrums, I have a cellar in my Base so he can go and stay in the naughty corner till he behaves.


Hmmmm. Not sure that a naughty corner would cut it.

This is more like what your base would face…

Alaya Meadows

The Green Laser is @toddumptious beaming in via Portal


I thought my ears were burning. Nothing to do with me, emilys a big fan of @Mad-Hatter 's trabellers tales so she decided to inject some sweet interactive canon into the simulation to spruce up his first contact chapter. Thats my understanding of events,