Eissentam Creative Mode Player Base Creative Mode PC


So, uh, first post, kinda new at this, really desperate… Anyway, as the title says, I’m looking for Player Bases in Eissentam Galaxy in Creative Mode for PC. I’d really appreciate either Signal Booster Coordinates of Portal Glyph Sequences. So, uh, any help? I tried asking Steam users for help, got a big fat NOTHING in response, only one actual Player Base was shared, (I will not be sharing this base as it’s not mine), so that led me here… If I did anything wrong, please, let me know, I probably did something wrong as this is my first post… Anyway, any Eissentam Creative Mode Player Bases would be nice. Oh, and the reason for all this, I’m actually trying to collect all the decals, so, uh, any help? Rockatoa, Brickticks out! P.S. The Galactic Republic of Eissentam thanks you for your assistance.


The problem you’re having is not lot of people play in creative mode and the way the game works is you cannot see bases of players who play in different modes than you. Your best bets are the hubs.


Check out the Youtube channel “Oobe”. He/she is in Eissentam and is trying to set up beautiful planets as multiplayer resorts like we in The Spacing Guild do in Euclid.


@Brickticks Nothing wrong with asking for help and I am sure our community here is more than willing to help out. As mentioned above, being in the same game mode is one of the requirements, however platform and galaxy need to match as well. I hope some of us here will be able to get you some addresses/locations. Welcome!


Can’t help ya yet as I’m only in Budullangr but I’m working my way your way as I pass through the galaxy (universe) in Creative mode! I still say it’s the best way to explore!!!