Getting Creative in Creative Mode

Thought I’d have a bit of fun & write a little story to go along with it.

Far out in the outer regions of the Euclid Galaxy on the forgotten ice world of Zahuls Libatavon , there lies a wreckage.
She has lain there in the icey drifts since long before the great cataclysm and some say she has been there from even before the great wars.

Only the front portion of the wreck has ever been found, the stern lost to forces unknown.
The bow section lies crumpled and broken, her spine snapped above the main drive, her nose buried in the earth.
The bridge remains mostly intact however and still the lights burn and the screens flicker. Three great cannons grace the bow yet it is thought this once great ship was a cargo vessel.

The power comes from one remaining reactor dangling high in the wreckage where the stern was torn away. At night the sperical fusion chambers glow ominously betraying the reason the reactor was never plundered.

Down below, the main drive has been heavily plundered with only the buckled remains of the exchange units remaining.

Inside the corridors are stripped and empty and a visitor must be very wary, as the structure is unstable and some doorways lead to probable death.
But if a traveller was adventurous there is a proven portal only 2 hours drive away. For the even more adventurous traveller refer to post 12 below for alternative methods.

It would be a lot of fun if little adventures like this popped up in NMS. Hopefully the next update brings some more random find type things for us to stumble over.

This location is visible to PS4 CREATIVE MODE players. Marked by a black beacon.
If anyone else has similar creative mode locations they’d like to add this thread please feel free to do so.

EDIT:- Added planet name and details.


Oh WOW!! :open_mouth:

I am definitely visiting this tonight!!


Just remember to use creative mode ps4.
Long drive but that’s part of the adventure :grin:


Of course! I have everything I need to get there fast!

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That’s a nice, atmospheric story. It conveys a real sense of actually being there. Good stuff. :grinning:


Is it ok to make a video of it on Youtube?

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How long did it take to create this. I am having problems with building…deleting removes unexpected things etc…I am finding it a little frustrating. Of course, I don’t have much experience since I have only made 1 and it is not very complex, more like a lounge built around the base.
I like the bent piece on broken end. Nice touch.

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I love the story!

Did you build this? If so KUDOS! :heart:

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Its a long trip and nobodys confirmed they can even see it or if the portal works yet but if you want to make a vid, go for it. Max complexity so be prepared for a bit of lag. Obviously most of it is solid to limit complexity but there are a few accessible points to explore. It’s been built on my partners profile so it will be a different PSN ID. I built it for fun but didn’t have the heart to delete it afterwards, thats why it is so far from a portal.
@sheralmyst Game session says 4 hours but that’s because of a lot of building and deleting to get the parts I wanted in certain spots. Plus a bit of time just looking at it and getting some arty photos. It’s a prototype for possibly my next base so there’s a few things I’d change. Its fun to climb over though.
Yes, I built this but its easy to do if you have some time to burn. Using solid components helps get bigger size. Next time I think I’ll avoid using any modular rooms at all.
Thanks. Always fun to weave a tale with some pictures to back it up. When I wander about in NMS I always want to find the unexpected. I thought derilict things outside of game lore would be interesting.

Thanks guys :blush:


Yeah, 2+ hour drive is a bit much. Could you provide a portal address from a neighboring star so I can claim a base and then warp to the star with your base?

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Will do. Give me a couple of days.
I’ll ‘@’ you in a repost to this thread with an alternative system & the various names you are looking for.

Edit: done. See following.


Ok @MacForADay and any other base-shiftin’, portal hoppers willing to claim a base & fly to look at the wreck base, here is some travel info.
Nearby there is the blue star system of Ginentoi which has a single ocean planet called Uteshcuha CP872 and the portal address is:

7 minutes due east is a habitable base marked with a comm. Ocean planet so its an easy trip mostly over water.
Once you’ve done the base-teleporter shuffle and you have your starship, you’ll find the system of Ohjeldus, where the wreck base is located, is basically next door.

The planet Zahuls Libatavon is a short flight away from warp-in point and the location is marked with a black beacon.
Happy travels.


Love the accompanying story with the screenshots of the build!

Quick question, and I apologize if I missed it, but is this PS4 or PC? I don’t suppose I’d be able to see it on the PC with the Rayrod Overhaul, and other assorted mods.

PS4 Creative mode

I decided to jump dimensions and head over to my PS4 just so I could visit this base. Made the long arduous trip and survived, just barely.I left a comm message for @Mad-Hatter. Really awesome base! It got a little lonely along the way but, I made a new friend who kept me company for a time.

He didn’t stay too long though. I think he just wanted to see if the Frost Crystals were crunchier on the other side of the mountain. As I debated the long trip back to the portal, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. It was coming down from the blue skies above. I searched under my seat to find my headset, put it on an answered back. It was @MacForADay. He too was considering the trip. I warned him to be prepared. After a nice chat he jumped back through the portal and I was alone once again. I ran into a Vy’Keen who taught me the Vy’Keen word for warp. I don’t think he completely understood my situation. In need of rest, I have decided to park my Nomad at an abandoned shelter and get some sleep. I don’t know if I will wake up since I have never fallen asleep in another dimension before. That’s ok. This is not my reality anyway.


Here it is!


I’m impressed you took the time to actually drive all the way. I’ve done a few epic drives like that and you are so right…it does get pretty lonely that far from safety. I’m honoured you liked it & fired up your PS4 just to have a look.
Glad the portals all worked out for you and you were able to make the trip. Was great to actually surprise you with a few things, given the number of creative bases you’ve seen. Great stuff.

Thanks for visiting guys. :hugs:


Well its been kind of quiet here so I thought I’d once again get creative, & extend my previous tale.

It has long been theorised that the Unknown Wreck came to grief at the hands of pirates but anyone who inspects the wreck for themselves, can see it was likely some sort of impact that brought down the ship; possibly a comet strike mid-warp.
One half, the front portion, landed on the ice planet of Zaguls Libatavon & the rear section was believed to have been completely destroyed or forever lost. It is however, quite likely that the rear portion of the ship housing the warp drive may have continued on for a short time folowing an impact.
Were a catastrophic event to occur mid-warp, it is reasonable to assume that large debris could stretch for several hundred light years.
Yesterday, my recon probe relayed this image to me from the planet Tografieraa; only 74 light years away from the location of the Unknown Wreck.

Although grainy, due to the heavy radio interference on the planet, it does show what appears to be some sort of massive structure resting in the mud on the edge of a radioactive ocean. Detailed filtering of the image does reveal there is substantial corrosion present & that the structure appears colapsed or severely damaged.
Planetary scans reveal there is minimal habitation present but that there is an ancient portal in close proximity to this unidentified structure. My data-base claims that the portal is functional despite coruption errors.
Were a traveller to use this portal, then they may just find out what happened to the other half of the Unknown Wreck.


Expedition #2-28-18 Glad I had my Nomad for this trip as I had to traverse water for a distance to reach the site. The journey was not a dull one. The seabed was filled with colorful formations and some very interesting aquatic life. Sadly, I did not have time for an underwater excursion. The wreck itself is quite interesting. It leaves me wondering just exactly how this tragedy unfolded. If rumors are true and it happened mid warp, well, that leaves many questions. Was it an accident as supposed or could it have been sabotage? I found no evidence of the crew, no remains, no cargo. Was the wreck picked clean by Gek scavengers or simply emptied over time by the occasional Traveller? So many questions. So little time. I will mark this page in my journal in case I should ever happen upon more information. This was a pleasant expedition. I enjoyed it very much.


Thanks for checking out the second wreck part. That one took 5 hours of fiddly messing about to get it near right, at full complexity.

I’m glad you liked it. It’s funny to think that between the 2 wrecks & my story, I’ve invested about 10 hours into what is essentially junk.

I’m a bit lost now what to do for another weird creative base. Can’t keep doing broken freighter bits.
Mac’s showcased some very interesting creative base structures so I’m scratching my head trying to come up with something new and different.
Any Ideas?