Join the Hyperion Initiative!




step 0: disable base sharing


*Step 3, disown base for future players to use

We want to have player bases on Neighboor systems :slight_smile:


yes, otherwise main entrance door to come to the region would be shut for newcomers.


Yup :smiley: Normally people coming in are decent enough to follow the guideline, if this becomes problematic we’ll just have to start adding new Gateway systems :slight_smile:


I’ve heard about issues with disowning, when base sharing is on. Base remained to be in place, even though person left the system and settled somewhere else long time ago. Hence my reccomendation.


I see, alright thank you very much! Ill speak about this with the admins :slight_smile:


This sounds very exciting. I found a portal the other night, now I have a destination! Hoping to make my way to the hub this evening, assuming I can find my way back to the portal. :confused:


Drop a Beacon next to it, next time…
Hashtag @Shota ''s great tips…


though that being said, you do now have the “call starship” option in your “X” menu, so you might even be able to do that and skip all the rest. :slight_smile:


I did!!! Just not sure I know how to find the beacon again.

UPDATE: I found it :rofl:… I found the portal. Unfortunately, I also found a new ship, and now my hyper drive needs a bit of fixing… so I can’t get there yet.


When I’m ready I’ll join you! Right now just too busy with story missions and increasing standing and what not :slight_smile:

You exist on PC as well right?


Doesnt work buddy :confused:


Nice! PC/ps4?


we just started PC yesterday, so very new but we wish to build it in parallel :slight_smile:


PC. I’m all fueled up and ready to make the jump. T-Minus 8 hours.


This sounds interesting… not sure really what you are doing… I am so new to any sort of game… so far just been looking about in creative… where can i go to read more about what you are doing please? I am on PS4