PORTAL RELOCATING Moving To The Other Side


So…, you’ve made the commitment that you are moving to a new and interesting part of the galaxy but are too lazy to warp for 5 and a half months. Perhaps relocation via a portal suits you better.
I’ve never done this myself, but I’ve looked up on the web how it is done and am sharing it here with you.
Bookmark this for future reference particularly if you plan on joining the Etarc Hub when it arrives.

  1. Dial up the portal at the location you are moving to.
  2. Step through and then using your signal booster, find a habitat.
  3. Go to the habitat and claim the base. It’s now yours.
  4. Return back through the portal and go back to your waiting spaceship.
  5. Fly up to the space station and teleport to your newly claimed base.
  6. You are now relocated. Your ship is outside and your freighter awaits your summoning.
  7. If you are using a gateway portal to a hub, don’t forget to quickly find a new base elsewhere in another system, to free up the temporary base.

TIPS: When packing up, manually dismantling your base prevents excessive loss of materials. The ‘previous base inventory’ tends to swamp you with tons of materials when you access it so having your boxes ready helps you stay organised.
Strategically packing your storage boxes so each box gives you the next stage in your rebuild, helps a lot. Use a notepad to keep tabs on what is in what box until you are set up again.

Base sharing has become a huge part of NMS but it does not yet support multiple residencies in the same system. If 2 players move into the same system the 1st players base becomes inaccessible to base-share visitors. Check all planets and moons in a system to ensure you are not invading a claimed system.
Mark your planet with 2 beacons. A BLACK one at the portal and a BRIGHTLY COLOURED one at your base. This shows visitors you live here.
If you come across a dual beacon planet DO NOT MOVE INTO THAT SYSTEM! It is claimed.
If you later leave your system, be sure to take your BRIGHTLY coloured beacon with you.

[ETARC HUB]: Location Discussion- POLL CLOSED

Maybe a patch or update should add a block to establishing a base when one already exists in the system. Griefing other players was not a plan of Hello Games, though they originally thought it might be remotely possible.


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Thanks @MrBacon , A scripted and a pictorial guide should ensure most travellers can work things out.
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I made a video to further demonstrate how to do this trick. Also, do you think you could rename this thread to better explain what it is about? It was really hard for me to find it again to post this; I was looking for thread names having something to do with portals or moving places permanently with portals etc.


Done as suggested.


Source: https://twitter.com/Elca_YT/status/898145237037613056