Scared to use a base terminus teleporter


Sigh…I am such a baby at all of this game…I get worried I might loose my home system at the moment if I use my Base terminus. If I choose another system from the menu how do I get home again?


By using the terminus at literally any space station…as long as you don’t leave the galaxy you have nothing to worry about.


Portals at the space stations, and if you build another teleporter on another planet you should be able to warp between your two bases.


Ohh thanks about the Portal info and thanks again about my question.
So pleased there is this thread. I do google and look on nms wiki but ofter fail to find what I need.


You can also teleport to bases that have no teleporter at them yet from a space station so there’s no worry of losing your way home :slight_smile:


I have 5 bases right now. Just be sure to name your different bases in a way that reminds you which base is which. It also keeps track of the different systems you have been to. When using the portal, you will see that it shows both Space Stations and Bases.


Thank you everyone.tomorrow I will try and find a Portal on a space station…also be brave and use my Base teleporter.


You will love it. It has to be my favorite new feature. :sunglasses:


Really …must be a good thing then…so far I just stand about in awe at the scenery and watch the clouds, water rain trees… when I go for a walk with my dogs I think but where is all the red grass the green sky and why no beach!


Can I add to that; to also UPLOAD your base after you’ve named it (even if you are offline) as the teleporter doesn’t remember your new name if you don’t…which can make working out which base is which a bit tricky. (PS4)


I was going to add this too onto sherals post though I believe the name only shows in the list when you return to it via teleport for the first time after naming it, I usually always upload though so it’s either/or, best to try both :slight_smile:


My names always show. I have each one named after the type of plant grown there except for my 2 main bases, Deep Space Paradise and Black Mountain Resort


Maybe the PC version rechecks the name more often, my personal experience on console is it records the name when you place down the computer, this will be its default name and that default name remains after a rename, after an upload etc, the only way I can get the list to recheck the name and show in teleporter list correctly is teleporting to it after a rename.

I haven’t paid it any mind since the last few updates so this may have actually been fixed for Consoles on a recent patch.


My Base name is RedShoreVeiw.
Wonder if another thread would be useful for all of our Base names?


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