Removed bases still show and allow teleport

My very first temporary base still shows as a base in the Galaxy Map and the Teleporter, even though completely removed. I am even able to teleport there, ending up at the location it used to be at. These should be properly removed without showing as a base or allowing a teleport, when deleting the Base Computer. Hope this can be fixed, as it gets confusing.


Yeah after deleting the base the Terminus Teleport should become unsupported then after a while be removed from the list of the Terminus. Kind of a compromise between giving up on a base fully versus having too many places to Terminus to.

Maybe after using an unsupported base teleport 3 times (without a base there) the base will be removed from the list and also you will end up back at the Terminus you teleported from without going to the deleted base.

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I have the same issue with friends old bases but not my own as I’ve yet to delete any. Seems to be a common issue, I would suggest placing a base computer at the old location, claiming it, uploading it, then delete when online services are active.

This is how we Think we fixed my friends base issue anyway.

Another issue I’ve found is if you’re playing with several people who’ve built several bases and then they go and come offline at irregular intervals throughout the following days, the wrong names will be assigned to the wrong bases, sometimes they swap and othertimes it will say every base belongs to the host or another player.

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Being on PC, I just removed the entries for those bases I deleted, with the save game editor, problem solved. While at it, I renamed them properly, as for some reason they get the planet location name instead of using the Base name you give it. If you name the planet, it get’s that planet name instead. <- In teleport list that is, not the computer itself, which gets named correctly.

Had to fix another issue I came across. When building a Base Computer, to then decide to remove it and place it elsewhere at more or less the same location on the same planet, it still gets added as a new teleport location. I ended up having 3 teleports, all to the same base! However, due to 2 of them having been deleted, it messed up my portal. The portal stopped showing any Space Station teleports and only listed one other planetary base, even though having a couple (for gasses). Only once I removed the actual deleted teleport locations in my save file, did it start working correctly again.

So until this is fixed, make sure you place your Base Computer in the right spot. Relocating the Base Computer can cause issues for the Portal’s teleport locations.

By the way, teleport location for the Base Computer (when named), only works when renaming the planet. By default it uses the planetary location name. The name for the Base teleport location, after renaming the planet as well as the Base Computer, only gets updated after reloading the game.

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Same deal on PS4.
Be very certain where you place your base computer as once you claim the base, it’s locked in.