PS5 Base Teleporter

So I put out a teleporter at my base. Used it to warp back to my freighter. Then flew back to my base because I do not have the teleporter for the freighter yet, and discovered that my base teleporter is invisible. Can’t build another because it registers as being there. But it is not visible nor useable. It is the only base part that vanished.


I haven’t had that happen on the PS5 but I did have a few base parts disappear a while back on the PS4. (More than a year ago.) I have a friend that played and he could see and delete the parts for me. Maybe one of your other accounts can visit. ??

One teleporter related problem that I do have when playing on the PS5 is that in the base with the radar dish I often pop out about 100 units away where the base computer used to be. I moved it because the terrain generation changed a bit and now there is a nest of worms there. Always a surprise : ) Maybe your teleporter is somewhere unexpected. Realistically though, only the exit point moves so this probably isn’t helpful.

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Well, it reappeared…waiting to see if it sticks around or takes another day trip.